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Man knocks Diplo off number one on the leaderboard cash machine

Man knocks Diplo off number one on the leaderboard cash machine

DJ Diplo has been knocked off the top spot on the leaderboard cash machine that is going viral on social media right now.

A man has incredibly knocked off Amercian DJ Diplo off the top spot of the now infamous leaderboard cash machine. Watch the extraordinary moment below:

For those unaware, a cash machine has been making headlines for possibly the first time ever this week as it shows everyone walking past how much money you have in your bank account.

This controversial ATM is at Art Basel in Miami, and it takes a picture of you once you insert you card into the machine.

Your picture is then placed on a screen accompanying the total balance on the card you had just inserted.

This screen is a leaderboard for how much money the people that have used the ATM have.

The leaderboard cash machine has certainly caught the attention of people this week.
@OfficialJoelF/ Twitter

In a video posted by content creator Joel Franco (@OfficialJoelF), he said a couple of people at the bottom of the leaderboard had $0 dollars.

Meanwhile, at that stage, the person with most had $2.9 million (£2.3 million).

But that person was overtaken by Diplo, who registered $3 million (£2.4 million) at the cash machine.

Now, the popular DJ has been overtaken by a man with a whopping $5.5 million (£4.5 million) in his account.

Diplo (pictured) has been overtaken on the machine.

Footage of the man entering top spot on the leaderboard was posted to TikTok by the account @lizandleroy.

In this video, many bystanders watch the man and presumably his partner using the machine.

Once he has done that, their picture shoots up the leaderboard to top spot, and the couple burst out laughing.

The crowd are shocked by their wealth, with one person even asking 'who are you?'.

The pair embrace and take a couple of photos of the cash machine before the short 26-second clip ends.

Many people have reacted to Diplo being knocked off top spot by the unknown couple.

As you only insert one card, the cash machine obviously only shows what money is in that bank account.

Bystanders were shocked to see Diplo knocked off the top.

It is not uncommon especially - for the wealthier among us - to have multiple bank accounts, and people seem to think that is the case with Diplo.

The DJ is reportedly worth $50 million (£40 million), and the DJ himself has suggested he will be going back to top the leaderboard.

He replied to the TikTok which he was tagged in with a simple 'brb'.

Other people also gave their thoughts, one person said: "This dude has his entire net worth in his checking.. diplo has a spare 3 mill he keeps in there most likely."

And a second added: "Diplo about to transfer some money and come back."

Featured Image Credit: @lizandleroy/tiktok

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