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Bloke who wasn't getting married tried to book entire stag do for himself around Prague strip clubs

Bloke who wasn't getting married tried to book entire stag do for himself around Prague strip clubs

He wasn't going to let a little detail like not actually getting married get in the way

A bloke attempted to plan a stag party for himself in Prague, despite the fact he wasn’t actually getting married. Well, you can’t let such trivial details stand in the way of the sesh, can you?

As any groom-to-be can tell you, the stag do is an important part of getting hitched - and while years back it was just a simple night on the lash, these days celebrations are getting more elaborate and often involve an overseas trip.

But one bloke wasn’t going to let a small detail like not actually being engaged to be married get in the way of him trying to arrange his own, one-man, stag trip around the Czech capital.

The unnamed man got in touch with stag and hen do organising company Last Night of Freedom with his unusual request. And it seems he had more than drinking on his mind.

Matt Mavir, managing director of the company, said: “One man asked if they could do every strip activity in Prague – the only thing was they were going alone.

"He was basically planning a one-man solo strip club tour of Prague and wanted us to book it, which was odd in itself, but we drew a line when he asked if we could also recommend any massage parlours offering happy endings."


Dirty ticket.

Last year, one fella did end up having a stag do all by himself, but it was due to a mix-up rather than design.

Afsheen ‘Af’ Marseh (@yougotthis_af) was looking forward to a holiday in Lisbon with 18 other people to celebrate their friend’s forthcoming marriage.

But he ended up in Portugal on his tod, after his flight was the only one not cancelled.

Speaking about the trip on TikTok, Af said: “Why always me? So I’ve just arrived out in Lisbon for a stag do.

"Nineteen of us on the party. Eighteen are flying from London Luton. I flew in on my own from Bristol.

The man wanted to jet off to Prague alone.
Pixabay/Denis Poltoradnev

“As I landed, I got a text from the stag party to say that their return flight had been cancelled and they’re no longer coming out.

"So I’m out here in Lisbon on my own, for a stag do on my own.”

However, he vowed to make the most of his solo-trip, adding: “So tomorrow I’ve got a fun filled packed day.

“I've got a boat party for one, all you can drink. Then a pub crawl, a bar crawl in the evening, for one, all you can drink.

“What would you do if you’re out here in Lisbon on your own?”

Featured Image Credit: Photo by Vladimir Pomortzeff / Alamy / Jochen Tack / Alamy

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