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Man Who Releases Air From Belly Using ‘Valve’ Leaves People Massively Confused

Man Who Releases Air From Belly Using ‘Valve’ Leaves People Massively Confused

He's called 'The Belly King' for a reason

A man who shared a video of himself using a ‘valve’ to release air from his belly has left the internet baffled. Check it out:

The TikToker who goes by the name ‘The Belly King’ – for obvious reasons – has an uncanny ability to inflate and deflate his stomach at the drop of a hat. 

We’re talking a heavy cheat week finished off with a night necking beers compared with a trim and toned six-pack. 

He’s uploaded a number of videos showing off his unusual party trick, and let’s just say the TikTok community has questions. 

In response to one comment saying 'There’s a lot of air over there', The Belly King says: “That’s all it is fella,” while slapping his bloated gut. 

“Luckily I’ve got a valve that I just turn and it just releases the air,” he adds before tweaking his nipple. 

As he does this, his belly deflates into a six-pack like magic. 


The video has blown up (pun fully intended), amassing a whopping 1.9 million views since it was uploaded yesterday, 22 May.

Hundreds of people have flooded to the comments section, with one asking: “Which one is more comfortable? I can't tell which is relaxed and which is forced.”

Another commenter who’s equally perplexed wrote: “I don't fully understand how this works? Please explain it to me its driving me bonkers! I mean what is your natural state? With a belly or without?”

A third simply wrote: “I’m so confused.”

Then there were those who joked about their own so-called valve, with one writing: “My valve is busted! Doesn’t work.”


A second quipped: “Ah man am I glad I found this! Anyone know where I can get a new valve? Mine’s clearly f**ked.”

“You could make a fortune doing ‘before & after’ photos for dodgy diet companies,” said a third. 

In a follow-up clip, The Belly King joked that there’s also an ‘inflate button’ while once again demonstrating his bizarre trick. 

“Talk about it blowing the wrong way, that was one thing I didn’t share with you,” he says as he takes his top off. 

Standing there with washboard abs, he adds, “Something you should know as well is that the other side is an inflate button… it’s not a valve this time it’s a button.”

He's certainly earned himself the name 'The Belly King'.

He then presses his nipple as a hissing sound plays over the footage and lo and behold his stomach grows to a truly fine-looking beer belly. 

Although some TikTokers are convinced The Belly King is faking it somehow, the reality is that this dude has some serious stomach muscle control. 

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thebellyking

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