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Man who spent £19,000 to 'become a wolf' just wants to be free of human relationships

Man who spent £19,000 to 'become a wolf' just wants to be free of human relationships

He said wearing the costume allows him to 'feel no longer human'

A man who forked out a whopping £19,000 ($23,000) for a highly-realistic, bespoke wolf suit says when he wears it he ‘no longer feels human’. Which is the least I’d expect after spending that much cash, to be honest.

Toru Ueda, an engineer from Tokyo, likes to relax and unwind by donning his wolf costume - that took four people seven weeks to create - as it gives him a chance to escape his normal human life and embrace feeling like a wolf.

Ueda, 32, paid three million yen for his costume, which was specially created by Zeppet, a company that makes models and costumes for TV shows and films.

Although it’s a fair amount of cash to part with, it’s worth every penny to Ueda as it offers him a sense of freedom.

Speaking to The Times, he said: “When I wear my costume I feel I’m no longer human.

“I’m free of human relationships. All kinds of troubles, related to work and other things - I can forget about them.”

Ueda had strict requirements for his wolf suit - telling Zeppet that he wanted the most realistic wolf they could create while still allowing for him to walk about as normal.

The suit has very realistic features.
Zeppet Workshop

He had three face-to-face meetings with Zeppet, as well as sharing numerous images of wolves with the company and exchanging 40 emails where they discussed the suit down to the very last details, including the pattern and texture of the coat.

And it was all worth it for Ueda, who said: “When I look in the mirror, I see a wolf, and that is very moving.

“I’m not a werewolf — that’s a kind of monster, and I am not a monster.”

While you might think Ueda is keen to show off his costume, especially having spent so much on the thing, that isn’t the case.

He won’t be wearing it to a fancy dress party anytime soon and he says he would feel uncomfortable wearing it out and about around Tokyo. I don’t reckon the local dog population would be too happy about it, either.

The suit is made a specialist company that creates costumes for TV and movies.
Zeppet Workshop

Instead, in his downtime, Ueda invites some friends over, offers them a brew or a beer and puts on his wolf suit.

Ueda told The Times that none of his pals are into wearing costumes such as his, but that they’re happy for him to do his thing.

Ueda isn’t the only person to use Zeppet to help transform themselves into an animal alter ego. Last year, fellow Japanese resident Toco revealed his unnervingly realistic canine costume.

Featured Image Credit: Zeppet Workshop

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