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Man threatens to go to police after accusing resident of parking in 'his space'

Man threatens to go to police after accusing resident of parking in 'his space'

The resident pointed out the parking spots weren't reserved

What looks to be a very disgruntled man threatened to go to the police over what he claimed to be 'his' parking space after another resident parked their car there.

TikTok user Gaz was left baffled when he spotted the man who shares his apartment block taking pictures of his car after he pulled up in the space, and started filming to catch the events on camera:

The man approached Gaz's car and tapped on the window, asking the driver to roll it down.

He wasted no time in getting to the point as he asked Gaz why he was parked in that space, but then immediately seemed stumped when Gaz responded with the perfectly reasonable answer: "Because I live here."

The man went on to claim that Gaz was parked in his space, which he'd been using for the 10 years in which he'd lived in the property.

Unfortunately for him, longevity doesn't really mean anything when, as Gaz pointed out, 'it's not reserved'.

"The car park here is reserved for anyone who lives in the property," the TikToker argued.

The man wasn't giving up, and seemed to adopt a 'finders, keepers' mentality as he said again that he'd lived there for 10 years.

Gaz argued the parking spaces weren't reserved.

He proceeded to ask Gaz whether he owned or rented his apartment, to which Gaz fairly pointed out it was none of his business.

The man might have had a leg to stand on if he could explain that the parking space was included as part of his property when he bought it, but he didn't make that argument.

Instead, he continued: "I own mine. And this is my parking spot. You only rent here... you shouldn't be parking here. I've been living here for 10 years, and I've been parking here for 10 years."

"You should park down the road somewhere," he added, ignoring Gaz as he pointed out there was a free parking space just a few metres away.

The man went on to tell Gaz that he'd taken pictures of his car to 'send off to the police' so they could 'check [his] vehicle out'.

The man said he'd taken pictures for the police.

When Gaz asked what he'd done to warrant the involvement of law enforcement, the man stuck with his original argument: "You shouldn't be parking here... I own my property and I've been here for 10..."

Gaz asked his followers for their 'honest opinion' on the encounter, and it was clear that viewers were on Gaz's side.

"How long has he lived there, he didn't say," one viewer joked, while another responded: "Unless the deeds show specific parking space allocated to a property it’s a free for all."

So it seems that unless the man can dig out some paperwork to prove his point, he'll probably just have to accept the fact that living somewhere for 10 years (yes, he lived there for 10 years) still doesn't guarantee you a parking space.

Featured Image Credit: gaz_44/TikTok

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