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Man Who Has 848 Square Tattoos Left Sneezing Black Ink And In Severe Pain

Claire Reid

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Man Who Has 848 Square Tattoos Left Sneezing Black Ink And In Severe Pain

The bloke who has the most square tattoos on his body has opened up about the pain factor involved in getting so much ink

Matt Gone has a whopping 848 small black squares tattooed onto his body, which has earned him a Guinness World Record. 

Matt’s record was painstakingly confirmed by two doctors who counted up each and every square. 

But the world record has come at a price – and Matt admits that at times it’s been a pretty painful experience, although says he hardly feels any pain when being tattooed now. 

Matt Gone has a Guinness World Record. Credit: Guinness World Records/YouTube
Matt Gone has a Guinness World Record. Credit: Guinness World Records/YouTube

Matt, from the US, took part in a video for Guinness World Records YouTube channel, in which he revealed: “The most painful spot on the body to get tattooed? The nose. That is the most painful, even the baby toes, the nail beds hurt a lot.

“I sneezed up black ink for about 20 minutes after that, and it was the most painful thing I’d ever been through.” Lovely. 

As well as tattooing almost all of his skin, Matt, who got his first tattoo in 1985, has also tattooed his tongue and even his eyeballs, which are now a striking shade of magenta with gold.

You probably don’t need Matt to tell you this, but having your eyeballs tattooed hurts. 

He added: “The eyelids are very painful, even with anaesthetic. I have the inside of the eyelid tattooed; people generally only tattoo up to the eyelash line.” The words ‘people generally’ doing a bit of heavy lifting there. 

Credit: Credit: Guinness World Records/YouTube
Credit: Credit: Guinness World Records/YouTube

Matt believes he was the sixth person in the world to get his eyeballs tattooed and initially opted for blue and green but then three years later he added magenta and gold.

Matt also issued a warning to those who fancy following in his footsteps and has urged people not to get their tongue inked. 

As well as ink, Matt has several piercings and a laser branding on his chest that has left a scar.

Matt explained: “My tongue is tattooed, but it was hypodermic injections. “I actually modernised the technique for tongue tattooing back in 2010.

“My tongue is more tattooed than any other person in history, and my tongue is tattooed all the way to the base down here in my throat. Do not do this at home, there is no professional that can do this.”

Don’t worry, mate, I had absolutely no intention of trying it at home. 

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock

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Claire Reid
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