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Gangster who's now a bishop says he's broken 'all 10 commandments' in previous life choices

Gangster who's now a bishop says he's broken 'all 10 commandments' in previous life choices

Mick Fleming led a 'dark' life before he found God

"Thou shall not murder, thou shall not commit adultery, thou shall not steal."

These are just three of the 10 commandments Mick Fleming knows all too well - not just because he's a bishop, but because he says he broke them all in his younger years.

The former gangster appeared on This Morning today (20 December), where he reflected on the tumultuous life he lived before he found God.

Fleming explained that he'd experienced trauma as a child that turned his life 'black and white' and led him down a path that he 'wouldn't necessarily have gone down' otherwise.

His life involved drug addiction, crime and violence, and he eventually became so ill that he got sectioned under the mental health act.

Fleming admitted he 'didn't care' at the time about hurting other people - he actually 'liked' the 'sinful' life he was leading.

"I wanted to be bad. I actually craved to be bad, even as a child," he said.

Fleming's life changed after he experienced traumatic events as a child.

When asked exactly how bad his crimes had been, Fleming used the 10 commandments as a basis as he said: "There's the 10 commandments, I've probably broke them all."

Fleming's life took a turn following the death of his sister when he was just 11 years old.

Speaking previously to Lancs Live, Fleming recalled: "I was just a nice little boy, but I knew that when my mum took these tablets she didn't have pain. I got this fuzzy warm feeling when I took them and I just drifted, from that day on I just kept trying to feeling to float away again."

Over the years, Fleming became addicted to drugs and was frequently picked up by police. He was involved in criminal circles and acted as a debt collector until the age of 41.

He turned his life around after one shocking ordeal which took place as he planned to collect a debt with a gun ready to use as a weapon.

Fleming set up Church on The Street.

Fleming's target emerged holding the hands of two little girls, but the bishop admitted that didn't put him off.

He was going to follow through until he saw 'light' shining from the girls' hands; a sight which he says made him start shaking and throwing up.

"It was like all this badness that was in me was coming to the surface," Fleming said.

The former gangster attempted to use the gun on himself, but it didn't go off, and he felt it 'must be God'.

Fleming managed to get sober, and after attending Manchester University he set up Church on The Street to try and help people in need.

The charity was visited by Prince William and Kate Middleton earlier this year, and Fleming's life has since also become the inspiration for an upcoming drama series.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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