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Millionaire dad of seven says people struggling with cost of living crisis need to work harder

Millionaire dad of seven says people struggling with cost of living crisis need to work harder

A millionaire dad has said people who are struggling with costs during the cost of living crisis should work harder.

Millionaire Barrie Drewitt Barlow has said he intends to spend more money this winter as many of us face serious cut-backs.

The dad-of-seven has declared he will not face the same challenges a lot of the country will face this winter as the cost of living crisis continues to take its toll.

In fact, the 51-year-old says the current situation will only make him richer.

Barrie even had a message for the people that are struggling this winter.

Speaking to The Sun, Barrie said: "The cost of living crisis only boosts my fortune.

"People are feeling the pinch and therefore need to purchase more economic household and personal care products, moving away from the more luxury and expensive brands.

"This means they need the new products coming onto the marketplace that would have been tested through one of my consumer research companies."

Barrie has just welcomed his seventh baby, Romeo, with fiancé Scott Hutchinson, 27.

The millionaire is worth more than £175 million, and says he feels no guilt over his wealth.

To people who are now struggling, or will later in the winter, Barrie says that he does 'feel' for them, but they should work harder.

He continues: "We are often asked how we can be so out there with our spending when so many people are struggling right now in the world.

"I totally do feel for them all, but at the end of the day, I have been in their situation. 

"No-one handed me a silver spoon and told me to go have a good time. 

"I work 19-hour days, every day of the week and as the old saying goes, work hard, play hard and I do both.

"I'm sick of hearing people's hard luck stories to be honest with you, there are always opportunities out there if you look for them and if I can do it, anyone can.

"Those that want to sit on their ass all day long, get what they deserve."

Barrie has seven properties to his name, which includes a £10 million beach house in Florida, a £5.5 million Miami beach house, a £4.5 million property in San Francisco, a £1.5 million Orlando apartment, a £2.5 million holiday home in Bangkok, a £1 million flat in Manchester, and finally, a £6m mansion in Essex which is still under construction.

He even admitted to The Sun that he was looking to add to his property collection by purchasing a castle.

The £6 million house under construction in Essex hasn't come cheap, as Barrie revealed how much he is spending on renovations.

"We have had so much fun renovating; our youngest daughter Valentina’s room has come in at around £150k with her new bed costing £38k alone and we haven’t even started on Romeo’s nursery yet," he said.

"The house will house over £16m worth of art, from some amazing artists from around the world.

"Now the search is on for staff for the house in the UK, nannies, housekeepers, chef and security, with interviews planned for September."

Featured Image Credit: @donbarrie1/Instagram

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