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People are arguing about whether Mini Cheddars are biscuits or crisps

People are arguing about whether Mini Cheddars are biscuits or crisps

If they're found in the crisp aisle should they count as a crisp?

We all love a good debate about food. Is a Jaffa Cake a biscuit or a cake? Should you keep ketchup in the fridge or the cupboard? And does pineapple belong on pizza?

Well, now there’s a new food addition to join the debate team and this time it’s whether Mini Cheddars are biscuits or crisps.

The question was posed on Reddit and it’s caused quite a stir on the site.

The poster included a picture of a bag of original Mini Cheddars and asked “biscuits or crisps?”

Many people waded in on the debate about whether Mini Cheddars are a biscuit or crisp.

However, throwing in a curveball, many people said neither, instead claiming the snack should be classed as a cracker.

“Neither, it’s a cracker,” said one, while another person suggested they should be called 'Mini Crackers'.

But another argued: “Crackers are a kind of biscuit…often called water biscuits or savoury biscuits.”

Another user said: “Definitely crackers. A member of the snack family, it's relatives include twiglets and popcorn.”

However, others wanted to try and settle the argument by grouping them with other foods.

“They’re more bread than either. Basically, 2D versions of their 3D counterpart. Crackers: Bread. Biscuits: Cake. Crisps: Roast Potatoes,” argued one.

“Also, crisps are generally fried, not baked, so crisps = chips,” said another.

The confusion could be due to the snack being found in the crisp aisle in shops.

Others suggested to merely refer to them as 'snacks', perhaps trying to settle the confusion as they’re typically found in the crisp aisle.

But someone else raised a good point by helpfully pointing out: “I bought some recently at a Wholesalers. Unlike crisps, they don't incur VAT. Therefore they are biscuits and (classed as) food, rather than sweets/snacks. Dull, but true.”

There are many varieties of the delicious savoury snack, which have also become a family staple at Christmas. While the original is a classic cheese flavour, nacho cheese and jalapeno, smoky BBQ, lime and chilli and chipotle chicken wing flavours have all joined the range.

But according to The Retreat, the snack is very much a biscuit and ‘categorically not a crisp’.

“Mini Cheddars are a brand of baked Cheddar cheese-flavoured British-style savoury biscuit, having a granular crumbly texture, unlike crackers which are harder, more brittle and flaky in texture,” it writes.

“Although found in the crisp and snacks aisle of the supermarket, mini cheddars are categorically not a crisp as they are not made of sliced potato, they are a baked wheat-based snack.”

Many people associate biscuits with being sweet but there are many savoury varieties too.

They were originally manufactured and sold by Crawfords. And until 2014, Cheddars were marketed under the McVitie’s brand, but are now under the Jacob’s brand.

LADbible contacted Mini Cheddars to put the matter to bed once and for all, and a spokesperson said: As a mini version of our classic Cheddar biscuits, we call them Cheese Snack biscuits.

"We stir real cheese into the dough before baking them (never fried!), as you would a biscuit, until golden.

“However, as people often eat our bigger brother with cheese, as you would a cracker, and our mini versions are served in a bag as well as being found alongside crisps in the supermarket aisle, we can see how people may strongly feel they should be referred to as crackers or crisps.”

So there we have it!

Featured Image Credit: Rocklights/Richard Gunther/Alamy Stock Photo

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