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Mum of groom ruins bride's wedding day by having red paint chucked at her walking down the aisle

Mum of groom ruins bride's wedding day by having red paint chucked at her walking down the aisle

And you thought you had the mother-in-law from hell!

One bride was sent the rather clear message that she was going to have trouble from her new mother-in-law after having red paint thrown on her wedding dress.

The bride, from Mexico, has gone viral after the incident, which was supposedly orchestrated by the groom's mother who previously faked a heart attack when she heard about the engagement.

As for the reason behind all of this apparent hatred, according to a Redditor who claimed the bride was from their mother's hometown, it's because the groom's family 'wanted him to marry someone rich'.

An unfortunate bride has gone viral after a shocking incident involving her mother-in-law.
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They claimed that the groom's family were already plenty wealthy and thought he ought to be tying the knot with a wealthy woman, when he instead married for love.

The bride was allegedly subjected to all sorts of attempts to get her to break off the relationship, including a campaign of harassment on social media.

According to a thread on X in Spanish, there was also a moment where the bride's now brother-in-law offered her a blank cheque where she could write whatever amount she wanted in exchange for leaving.

All of these efforts to bring an end to the relationship seem to have met with failure, and the groom's mother, brother and sister made it clear they wouldn't be attending the wedding.

Facing allegations of being a 'gold digger' and with her husband's family not showing up for the wedding, it sounds like the bride was determined to have her big day.

The bride had red paint thrown on her wedding dress.

However, during the wedding - which took place earlier this month - the bride had been climbing the church steps with her father when her wedding gown was stained with red paint.

"Three men ran up to her, two with cans of paint and another recording, and covered her dress in red," the Redditor claimed, pointing the finger of blame at the groom's family by claiming they'd hired the men.

Her dress stained red, some people panicked as they feared the paint might actually be blood.

Thankfully the bride was able to go home and change into another dress before returning to the church.

Fortunately the bride was able to change and continue the wedding.

Sadly that wasn't the end of their supposed drama, as the groom's family allegedly tipped off the police that they'd find drugs at the spot where the wedding photos were being taken, though the wedding was able to continue.

As if that wasn't enough, the post also claimed that the groom's family tried to steal his passport and visa to stop the couple from going on their honeymoon.

Anyway, we wish the happy couple the best of luck.

They're going to need it.

Featured Image Credit: X/@fulanodeobregon

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