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Mum reveals she does her children's homework so they don’t get stressed

Mum reveals she does her children's homework so they don’t get stressed

The mother said she does majority of her kids' projects too.

A mum has revealed that she frequently does her childrens' homework because she doesn’t want them to get ‘too stressed’.

TikToker Lottie Weaver recently posted a video titled, ‘Controversial things we do as parents’.

The mother explained that some of these include not raising her kids as religious (gasp) and normalising PDA with her husband in their household.

The mother went on to claim that she also does more than ‘assist’ her daughters with their maths homework.

"I will help do my kids' homework with them," Lottie revealed.

“I know every parent like helps, but if my kids are busy, or if they're rushing, or whatever, I will do it.

"Because I'm not going to have them stress over four fr*ckin' math problems that they don't have time to do or whatever."

She continued: "I'll do it! Screw it! I mean, it may not be right, but I will help.”

The mother added that in addition to time pressures, some of their projects are simply too hard for her children.

"And I do a majority of their projects for them because some of these projects these teachers give... like they're seven years old,” she concluded.

Where were you when I was doing exams, Lottie??

10'000 Hours/Getty Images

The video, viewed almost 350,000 times, had many parents admitting also lend more than a helping hand when it comes to homework.

One person wrote: “I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does my kids homework when they have other things going on lol.”

Another said: “The parents should be a team and the kids should be a team! You’re doing the right thing!!!”

A third commented: “You are so relatable. Not only in my life as a mum but my mum also. I remember when she would do my Spanish homework for me. Barely passed.”

While another shared: “100 per cent agree!! But I also don’t understand the concept of hw [homework] when they are literally in school for seven hours to begin with.”

Many also praised the mum for her approach to raising her kids, as one person wrote: “This is such amazing parent. I aspire to be like this when I’m a mum.”

While another said: “I want to be just like you when I’m a mum.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/lottie..weaver. Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

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