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Mum Shocks Teenage Daughter With Tattoo To Measure Penis Length

Mum Shocks Teenage Daughter With Tattoo To Measure Penis Length

Former Page 3 girl Tracy Kiss got her 72nd tattoo recently, and it's certainly a conversation starter

A former Page 3 model has shocked her daughter by getting her 72nd tattoo, which is a set of dots up her arm that are exactly spaced apart to measure – she says – penis size. You can see her showing it off on TikTok here.

Yes, it’s a pretty bizarre thing to do, but Tracy Kiss is no stranger to going under the needle to decorate herself.

As you can see, the design goes from her baby finger right down to her elbow and is spaced meticulously apart inch-by-inch.

The glamour model, who also makes money nowadays selling content on subscription platform OnlyFans, says that this latest ink is her favourite to date.


She told the Daily Star: “Just as guys in the past have asked to keep my lingerie, have a naughty selfie or even a piece of my hair, I love that I can now know the exact measurements of what I enjoy so much.

“As my friends don’t have half as many tattoos as me they see my newly inked manhood measure stick as a little extreme and admit that they’d just ask a guy his size or accept his decision not to answer.

“On the other hand, I love it and think it will be incredibly useful in all aspects of life.

“The only question is… do I extend my dots from my thumb to my index finger next so that I can discreetly measure girth at the same time?”

Though her mates are well on board with the joke, it’s not quite the same when it’s your mum.


Her teenage daughter was less than impressed at it.

The 34-year-old continued: “My daughter was like ‘Oh my god mum, is that what I think it is?’.

“And I laughed and measured water bottles and cucumbers like, ‘What? It’s practical!’”

However, this isn’t a statement about size overly mattering to her, she’s keen to point out.

Tracy added: “I know that some men can feel insecure about girls judging the size and performance of their manhood, just as us girls would feel exactly the same ourselves.

“But for me, knowing a guy's size isn’t about judging or comparing him to others, it’s the finer details that make the experience all the more exciting for me."


“Everybody is unique and comes in different shapes and sizes and that individuality is what is so wonderful.

“There is no right or wrong size, no better or worse, it’s all about enjoying the experience with somebody that you feel comfortable with.”

It isn’t just her daughter who greeted her new tattoo with raised eyebrows.

“The artist raised an eyebrow when I showed up with a tape measure and the request to tattoo dots spaced in inches from my elbow to my little finger,” she explained.

“But as he soon got to the measurements of 6”, 7” and 8” the penny dropped and he knew exactly what I was up to.”

Featured Image Credit: @tracykissdotcom

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