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People baffled after spotting 'Nike shoes' in 400-year-old painting

People baffled after spotting 'Nike shoes' in 400-year-old painting

People are convinced time-travelling is real after allegedly spotting 'Nike shoes' in the ancient work of art

People have been left absolutely baffled after allegedly spotting 'Nike shoes' in a 400-year-old painting.

The work of art in question, 'Portrait of Frederick Sluysken', painted by Dutch Master Ferdinand Bol back in the 17th century, has re-opened the heated debate around time-travelling.

The portrait, which was on display at the National Gallery in London, left one pair of exhibition-goers extremely perplexed.

The painting in question has been dubbed as 'one of Bol’s finest portraits' by the gallery.

It shows the little lad standing in the foreground armed with a wine goblet as he leans against a table holding some pretty hefty looking lemons.

People are convinced the 400-year-old portrait features a pair of Nike trainers.
National Gallery

The gallery details: "The boy is elegantly attired in a grey suit and matching cloak, trimmed with shiny gold buttons and ribbon bows; his wide-brimmed hat is hooked over the back of a chair behind him."

But art enthusiasts were left utterly puzzled when they saw the muse of the portrait seemingly donning a pair of modern Nike trainers, despite the footwear brand only being founded in 1964.

It even appears as if the kicks had the iconic white Nike tick on the inner side of the left shoe - despite the fact it was painted hundreds of years before the brand was even founded.

This takes the meaning of the phrase 'fresh crepz' to a whole new level.

Fiona Foskett, 57, went to the gallery with her 23-year-old daughter, Holly, when they were left totally dumfounded by the bizarre sight.

The Isle of Wight resident told The Sun: "I said to my daughter, 'Hold on, is he wearing a pair of Nike trainers?'

People were shocked to see the 'modern' detail.
National Gallery

"Looking at the age, he must have got his hands on the first pair of Nike trainers ever made. Or is he actually a time traveller?"

While the idea of someone sporting a pair of Nikes in the 17th century is frankly hilarious - a spokesman from the National Gallery has since weighed in on the theory.

They told the outlet: "We are delighted that this picture has been such a hit with our visitors.

"It resonated with followers when we put out a Tweet asking people to see if they could spot a more 'modern' detail by taking a closer look at the shoes of the eight-year-old boy in the portrait."

The tweet in question read: "Currently on loan to us, his charming 'Portrait of Frederick Sluysken' depicts the son of a wine merchant.

"Take a closer look at his shoes and you might spot what looks like a more 'modern' detail. Can you see it?"

The National Gallery even acknowledged the phenomenon themselves.

And I thought my dad's Adidas Sambas from the 80s were retro...

But, unsurprisingly, this isn't the first time people have allegedly spotted a more contemporary detail in an ancient work of art.

People were once baffled after spotting a painting from the mid 19th century that appears to show a young woman holding an iPhone as she walks along through a field.

The piece of art, called 'The Expected One', was painted by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller way back in 1860 and left many believing the lady in question was some sort of time-traveller.

Such theories were soon put to rest after it was explained the alleged 'iPhone X' in the hands of the woman was actually a small prayer book.

Now that's what I call some 400-year-old drip.

Featured Image Credit: National Gallery

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