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Woman has to get nose reconstructive surgery after 'doing too much cocaine'

Woman has to get nose reconstructive surgery after 'doing too much cocaine'

The recovering addict has been opening up about the procedure on TikTok

A recovering addict has opened up about her reconstructive nose surgery after she did 'too much cocaine'.

Kelly describes herself as on TikTok as a 'recovering addict, widow and kind of a badass', and she uses the platform to share her experiences of addiction and surgery with her 130,000 followers.

Watch her explain how medics have been repairing her destroyed nose here:

"I destroyed my face with too much cocaine," Kelly began. "I did entirely too much cocaine, the inside of my nose, my septum, deteriorated completely.

"And then over time, my nose fell flat. I'm in the process of trying to fix it."

Explaining how that process is coming along while pointing at various parts of her face, she continued: "What's going on right here on my face is called the forehead flap.

"These things in my nose are called nasal trumpets. They go all the way up here - I'm not gonna pull them out again, that upset some people in my last video, we're not doing that again.

"OK, so couple of questions. This right here is hair because it came from the scalp. So this is an entire flap of skin.

"No, it's not flat on my face. Take a look. Oh, you can see my eyeball. It's a trick. It's a party trick. Anyway, this stays wrapped in medicated gauze."

Kelly detailed how medics have been repairing her nose.

She went on: "No, I'll probably never feel the inside of my nose again. What happened was they had to make a blood supply into the tip of my nose from parts from my left arm.

"So they cut open my left arm, they took out a vein, an artery, muscle, skin, f***ing all of it, right? A nerve, took it all out.

"F***in made an incision here... they made a blood supply, so that the tip of my nose had life, because when you do a lot of drugs - especially the types that I did - you will kill the tissue to the tip of your nose, and I had no what they call columella, which is what this skin is here separating the two nostrils.

"I had one giant nostril because I did too much cocaine - don't do drugs."

The video has been viewed almost 15 million times, and people have been sending Kelly love and support.

Commenting on the video, one person said: "Thank you for sharing. I hope you are doing well each day."

Another wrote: "I love your attitude! I love your honesty and how real you are. Congratulations on your sobriety!"

A third added: "Really appreciate you talking about this. Thank you."

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