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OnlyFans model taking NSFW photos on beach has to be rescued by RNLI

OnlyFans model taking NSFW photos on beach has to be rescued by RNLI

She was out at the beach taking photos when the tide came in...

An OnlyFans model who took a trip to the beach for some photos ended up needing to be rescued by the RNLI after getting into a bit of trouble.

Michaela Ogilvie had been making content and taking some NSFW snaps when she saw that the turbulent tides had blocked her exit off the beach and realised she'd made quite a worrying mistake.

Stuck in a cave on the beach with the water rising she made a 999 call for help and fortunately it wasn't long before the RNLI was able to send out a boat to pick her up and take her to safety.

"When I saw the tide coming in I thought 'how could I be so stupid?' I couldn't get out of the cove either way - the sea had come completely in," she told Kent Online.

"I looked at the cliffs, wondering if I could climb up. Then I looked back in the cave thinking 'if I stay in there it will fill up with water and I might drown'."

After realising that the rising tide had cut her off the RNLI was able to come and rescue her.

Fortunately, after making the call she didn't have to wait long for rescue, with the RNLI making it to her within 20 minutes to ferry her to safety.

Michaela took to Instagram to thank the RNLI for coming to get her and reassured her fans that she'd be better prepared from now on.

She wrote: "Soooo incredibly grateful to the RNLI for rescuing me just now! I will be purchasing a tide guide from the local harbour office for real! Learn from my mistake guys.

"I actually saw my life flash before my eyes & they were legends in responding so fast because the tide was coming in soo quick and it’s really rough today!

"I know where I’m fundraising for next and where I will be sending donations but in the meantime if anyone can donate to their local RNLI, I would be soo grateful!

"They literally made sure I am still here today! Thank you to the incredible team that just rescued me."

The model realised she was in trouble when she spotted that the tide coming in had blocked off her exit path.

She said the 'relief was unreal' when the RNLI showed up, and praised the crew for being 'amazing and so friendly'.

A spokesperson for the RNLI confirmed its inshore lifeboat was able to get close enough to carry out the rescue, and urged people to 'check our Facebook page to see the tide times before going out onto the beach'.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to make a donation to the fine folks over at the RNLI you can do that here.

The majority of their staff are unpaid volunteers and their funding relies on the generosity of donations from the public to keep them afloat, so to speak.

They head out to conduct rescues in tough conditions and pick up people who would otherwise be stranded at the mercy of the sea, and they're always on duty regardless of the time or date.

Unfortunately, RNLI crews sometimes face abuse from people who don't want them to go out and rescue those who are stranded at sea and in dire need of help.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/kayla_evelynx

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