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Woman rips into parents who think they need priority for annual leave just because they have kids

Stewart Perrie

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Woman rips into parents who think they need priority for annual leave just because they have kids

A woman has shut down the argument that parents deserve top priority for annual leave just because they have children.

Depending on the company you work at, the holidays can be a tricky period to ask for time off.

You might get your request for annual leave rejected because colleagues who are a little older than you and have kids say they need that time more than you.

However, a woman has waded into this debate on TikTok and perfectly explained why parents shouldn't be given priority.


Callie said in her viral video that parents 'chose' to have kids and have to play the game like everyone else.

"If the week of spring break for your kids school is so important to you because you are planning a family trip you need to show initiative and take that time off," she said.


"If somebody else you work with happens to ask for those days first, I'm sorry but I guess you're s**t out of luck."

The remarks sparked a flurry of comments, where many people agreed that it should be a first come first serve policy at every workplace.

One viewer said: "I'm a Mom! Always Plan ahead....I believe the school has a calendar out at the beginning of the school year so you know what days to take."

Another added: "Parents get school schedules so far in advance, there’s no excuse. For sick kids, it’s up to bosses to figure it out not coworkers."


A third wrote: "At my old job i had to work open to closes every thanksgiving and Christmas because the other 2 managers had kids and I didn't."

Callie was responding to a comment where a TikToker said the school holiday period should mean parents get priority because that's the only time off they can get with their kids.


She explained in another video that she was approached by a colleague who wanted to have Thanksgiving and Black Friday off because they needed time with their children.

Unfortunately for that worker, Callie had already booked that time off a year in advance.

The worker asked for that time off the week of Thanksgiving and was annoyed that Callie wouldn't give up the spot.

She was told that 'Thanksgiving is just another day for you' if you don't have kids and that they were desperate to make memories with their children.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@_cal_cifer. Morsa Images/Getty Images.

Topics: Viral, Parenting

Stewart Perrie
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