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Pet Owner Confronted Over Dog's Name That Is 'Offensive' to Americans

Pet Owner Confronted Over Dog's Name That Is 'Offensive' to Americans

The woman's sister rung her to explain how her American boyfriend thought it was offensive and asked whether she would consider changing it

A dog owner has claimed that she was confronted by her sister's boyfriend over the name of her dog with him telling her that it was 'offensive' to American people.

The woman was meeting her sister's boyfriend for the first time and remembers how he seemed 'pretty surprised' when she told him the name of her American Akita.

Wiki Commons/Canarian

It wasn't until the couple left that the woman got a call from her sister asking whether she'd consider changing the dog's name which she thought was a joke.

Upon realising that they were being serious, the woman says she 'told her to f*** off and tell him to grow up'.

You might be wondering what's the dogs name?! Well, it was (and still is by the sounds of things) Yankee.

Yankee's owner was asking others their views in an Am I The A***** (AITA) thread on Reddit where she explained that the following day, the pair turned up at her house to explain why the name was offensive.

Wiki Commons/Alden Chadwick

She went on to tell people: "During this discussion he told me it was essentially a slur used against Americans, and asked if I would ever name a dog the n word. I just kind of laughed and told him he was off his nut. It's not that serious. You cant equate the word yankee to something like the n-word.

"I told him I wasn't going to change my dogs name - he knows it, it'd be a s*** ton of work. He's personal protection so it could even damage his work.

"They, thankfully, left, but still seemed pretty upset."

The woman then decided to speak to her American friends to make sure she 'wasn't being a p****' and they all agreed that he was 'being stupid'.

But she went on to say: "I know the US is huge and it might be more of a regional thing? So I'm still not sure. I am starting to feel kind of a******-ish for not taking him seriously when it may be a genuine issue for him.

"So, I come to Reddit. Two birds, one stone, I know a large amount of Americans frequent this subreddit. Am I am a******, and is this an issue in the states that I should apologise for?"

Wiki Commons

Responding to the dog owner, one person said: "NTA [Not the a******]. And your sister has managed to find the only American who thinks the term is offensive in any way."

Another agreed, adding: "NTA - I'm American; no one actually finds that offensive. He's probably just an entitled a******."

And a third said: "NTA. American here. I’ve never heard the word 'yankee' used as an insult," they went on: "Don’t change the name. You trained him with the name, it’s only this one dude who has some rather odd issue with it."

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