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Pole Dancer Goes Viral After Being Booked To Perform At A Senior Centre

Pole Dancer Goes Viral After Being Booked To Perform At A Senior Centre

Pole dancer Embla Bergli shared clip to TikTok, and it's honestly the most wholesome thing you'll see today

A pole dancer has gone viral after she was booked to perform at a senior citizens centre and got all of the older folks involved. Honestly, if you’re a bit hungover on a Sunday morning, this is the kind of wholesome content that you need.

So, we can’t tell you a whole heap about where this took place, but it’s fair to say that the activities co-ordinator at this centre earned their wage when they booked this event into the calendar.

Embla Bergli – who you can follow on TikTok here – shared her slightly bizarre experience online, posting a video of her performing pole dancing at the centre.

Then, she seems to have thrown out the opportunity to all of the people who came to watch her, because the rest of the video is taken up by older folks dancing and jigging around the pole, generally seeming to have a blast.

It’s adorable, honestly.

First Embla showed them how it was done.

During her video, the captions read: “I was booked to perform at a senior center…and let me tell you – they loved it.”

She then later added: “You know it’s been a successful night when you end up writing autographs.”

As you can see from the video, all of the audience seems to have had a go, with both men and women stepping up to the pole to have a crack at it.

Obviously, none of them can quite match the skills of the much younger and better trained performer, but what they might have lacked in technique they seemed to more than make up for in enthusiasm and effort.

Then it was everyone else's turn.

Whilst some of them just came up to swing around the pole, others did a bit of a dance as well, and everyone seemed to have a lovely old time as a result.

It seems as if those who’ve since watched the video online have had just as nice a time as the old folks who gave it a go.

Since the video was shared a couple of days ago it has been liked 2.2 million times, receiving nearly 25,000 comments along the way.

Dragonforce guitarist and TikTok mainstay Herman Li joked: “Which one are you?”

It's fair to say they loved it.

Another person commented: “That’s so wholesome and you’re beautiful and very talented.”

Someone else wrote: “Almost everyone loves pole if they’d just give it a try.

“Love to see it.”

A fourth person said: “As a Director of Active Living at a retirement home, my residents would love this.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@embla.pole

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