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Puppy saves owner’s life after she stopped breathing from a seizure

Puppy saves owner’s life after she stopped breathing from a seizure

The little pooch proved to be a lifesaver

A puppy has managed to save its owner’s life after she stopped breathing from a seizure.

The hero pooch, named Moose, successful snapped owner Leeanne Reed out of the non-epileptic seizure when she went 'blue in the face' after being unable to breathe.

Just nine months old, Moose has proved that dog really is a man's best, and most loyal, friend.

The puppy, a fox red Labrador, is Leanne's trainee assistance dog who is able to alert her of upcoming seizures, panic attacks, anxious episodes, stims or tic attacks.

Clearly a very well-trained chap, Moose knew exactly what to do when Leanne started showing signs of a deadly seizure.

A puppy has managed to save his owner’s life after she stopped breathing from a seizure.

He began to lick her nose and face in the hopes of triggering a breath response and, luckily for Leanne, Moose's medical training definitely paid off.

The 22-year-old dog mum suffers with non-epileptic seizures several times a day and has since revealed that the consequences of this particular attack could have been fatal if Moose wasn't there to support her.

As reported by the Milton Keynes Citizen, she explained: "This seizure was a big one. It lasted about two or three minutes and I wasn’t breathing for all that time.

"When I came round I was blue from lack of oxygen. And all I could see was Moose’s big goofy face on top of mine."

Not a bad sight to see at all.

"He was licking my nose, my mouth and even the inside of my mouth," Leanne continued, "which is exactly what he’s trained to do to get me breathing."

"He saved my life – there is no doubt."

She went on to say: "He saved my life – there is no doubt."

And Leanne has impressively taught Moose the tricks of the trade all by herself as she cannot afford a professionally trained service dog.

So, she started the independent training process by giving him swabs of frozen saliva to smell taken just before she had a seizure so that the dog could learn the warning scent.

The clever little critter has now learnt exactly what to do when it comes an upcoming episode.

Moose will gently boop Leanne's leg with his snout if he feels she is near to passing out or having a full-blown seizure.

Another way he'll assist his owner is by lying flat across her legs in a hopes to bring down an excessively fast heart rate.

Therefore, instead of just being clued up one particular medical condition, Moose has been trained to be a 'multi-purpose assistance dog'.

And the canine intelligence doesn't stop there.

Moose has been trained to be a 'multi-purpose assistance dog'.

Leanne has revealed that Moose can also bring her medication, her phone and even a bottle of water if she needs it.

"He can close doors and even turn lights off – he’s just like a human helper," she added.

Leanne now takes to TikTok to share with her followers exactly what it's like living with non-epileptic seizures and how Moose takes car of her.

In one clip uploaded some months ago, the woman uploaded a video of Moose 'persistently alerting' her to a 'high heart rate'.

She captioned the short clip: "This is such a huge breakthrough for us! I'm so proud of him. He's only 7 months."

This takes being a 'good boy' to a whole new level.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Leeanne Reed

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