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QUIZ: Can you name these 26 capital cities in five minutes?

QUIZ: Can you name these 26 capital cities in five minutes?

You've got 26 capital cities to name in five minutes, can you manage it without cheating?

With so many countries in the world remembering the names of just 26 of their capital cities ought to be a breeze, right?

For your sake you'd better hope so because that's what you've just clicked on and if you do well here you can feel that wonderful swell of pride in the fact that you know your Lisbon from your London and your Budapest from your Berlin.

Of course you could always fill in the answers you know and Google the rest, but deep down in your Seoul you'd know you cheated and cheapened the victory.

There's five minutes on the clock to figure out the answers and you can make as many guesses as you like, just make sure you get the spelling correct.

Of course we've thrown in a few countries where the capital city is not the one you think it is, so next time you're in a pub quiz with a geography round you'll be glad you gave this one a go.

Think you can get all capital cities before time runs out? Give it a try:

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