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Retired police officer starts job as stripper where she still wears the uniform

Retired police officer starts job as stripper where she still wears the uniform

She fancied a very different line of work after leaving the force

A woman who spent three decades working as a police officer now has a new job - as a stripping copper. Well, at least she’s got the uniform sorted, eh?

Michelle Walton, 51, retired from her career in the force back in 2020, but rather than take up gardening or get into pottery classes, she joined a cabaret group and now strips off at charity events.

Walton originally joined the police back in 1989 when she was just 18 but ten years later she took a year out to go travelling, during which she worked in a topless bar in Australia, before returning to the UK and rejoining the police. 

Walton said: "Coming back to the UK it felt like a bit of a reality check, but I liked my job as a police officer so it wasn't the end of the world.

Michelle Walton now strips off at charity events.

"I returned to work, where I did twenty more years of service, specialising in the fields of domestic abuse and vulnerable adults. And I finished my career in public protection, managing registered sex offenders."

With her retirement underway, Walton looked into ways of spending her free time and initially hit upon the idea of taking sexy boudoir snaps of women with her own lingerie photography business. 

To help with her new line of work, Walton thought it might be useful to learn some sexy poses to guide her clients, so she joined a small burlesque dance class, where she learnt group dances, and was encouraged to create her own solo act.

It was at this point that Walton came up with the idea of becoming a stripping police officer and later joined the Charity Cabaret Club on the Isle of Wight.

Michelle says she hopes to inspire other women to love their bodies.

She said: "I created a stripping copper routine, as I already have the truncheon and handcuffs!

"My routine involves walking up to the stage waving two blue lights around, then stepping up on a chair pretending to direct traffic, then taking my first layer of clothing off.

"I then step in to the audience and dish out fixed penalty tickets, with the offence of ‘being too sexy’.

"I then handcuff someone in the audience, drag them on stage, pretend to search them, wrap police tape around them, then do what looks like a lap dance around them.

"The music changes and I get my truncheon out, wave it around, slap it on my bum, then start removing my belt, dress, then finally remove my bra, wave it around, then walk off stage with the two blue lights on my b***s."

Michelle in her younger years as a police officer.

So far this year Walton has done five charity shows with her group, earning hundreds of pounds for a variety of different causes.

The ex-officer added: "I’m telling my story because I’m proud of my achievements and what I’ve done."

"I hope it inspires other women to love their own bodies, regardless of their shape or size. I’m sure there will be people that will judge me and think I’ve done wrong - but I don’t care.

"I will simply do what makes me happy for as long as I live, and I'd encourage anyone else to do the same!"

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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