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Woman shares special technique to fool guys into thinking they've got her number in a bar

Woman shares special technique to fool guys into thinking they've got her number in a bar

TikToker Kendall Kiper shared her technique to get unwanted guys to leave her alone at bars

A woman has shared a trick that she uses to convince men that they have her number in a bar so they'll leave her alone.

If there's one thing that some men might find difficult to understand, it's the level of alertness and planning that all too often goes into going out as a woman.

Someone might just want to have a quiet evening with friends and not be bothered by anyone, but unwanted attention can be more or less a given.

Kendall Kiper explained the technique on TikTok.
TikTok / @kendallkiper

Worse still is when someone simply cannot take a hint. Just saying 'no' might not always be an option either, as there's no way to know how someone might react, especially after a few drinks.

It's nothing personal gents, it's self-preservation.

But one woman has come up with a technique which might help to get someone to leave you alone without risking them reacting badly to being rejected.

Frankly, the fact that someone even felt it was necessary to think up this technique in the first place should be deeply concerning to everyone.

Kendall Kiper explained her techinque in a TikTok video, and it involves downloading an app which creates a separate phone number for you, which can be used as a dummy number.

The trick might help to get rid of unwanted attention (stock image).
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She advises to ask for the person's number and then message them from the dummy number while insinuating the conversation will continue later.

This will then make the guy think that he's effectively got your number so there's no point in sticking around, and he'll leave.

Presumably, you can then either delete the number or the app, or switch to a different number entirely. While that person can still message you on that app, the number won't be attached to any social media accounts or anything like that.

"The reason that this works is because what you are doing is you're insinuating that the conversation that you're having right there and then is going to be continued later. When he thinks that he will still be able to talk to you he's way more likely to leave you alone at that point." Kiper said.

She went on to say that she had tried every other trick in the book, including saying that she had a boyfriend or that she wasn't into guys, but neither of these worked.

She added: "They just they don't use their heads especially when they're in a bar. I've had a great success rate with getting guys to leave me alone using this method."

Previously, Kiper had shared a tip on how to use reverse psychology to get free drinks.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / kendallkiper

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