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Woman has secret reverse psychology method to get free drinks that works ’99% of the time’

Woman has secret reverse psychology method to get free drinks that works ’99% of the time’

She claims it's only ever failed to work once

A woman claims she's worked out an almost fool proof method of obtaining free drinks which uses reverse psychology and works '99 percent of the time'.

TikToker Kendall Kiper posted the method online, describing it as her 'best kept secret' which might not be such an apt description now that over a million people have watched the video.

In the video, which was captioned 'praying only girls see this' (we're letting the cat out of the bag, sorry), she explained that she'd come up with a way to get free drinks which she'd used 'way more often than I care to admit'.

It'd only failed to work for her once so it sounds like this could be the golden ticket to free drinks, or more specifically the way to get other people to pay for your drinks.

Of course, now we're talking about it that might scupper the method, or perhaps it'll make men so confident they won't fall for it that the reverse psychology involved works every time.

Kendall Kiper has come up with a method to get free drinks, all it takes is an egotistical man and some reverse psychology.

In addition to reverse psychology, there's also the important matter of choosing who's going to be buying you the drink which is just as important.

She said: "You need to look for a guy who looks like they have a super big ego, the bigger the ego the better and the easier this is probably going to be.

"Next what you're gonna do is you're gonna go up to him, you're gonna approach him and you're gonna be like 'heeeyyy like what are you drinking tonight', like 'what are you about to order'.

"He's gonna tell you, so let's say he's like 'oh I'm about to order a tequila soda' and you can either be like 'oh I love tequila sodas' or you can be like 'oh I was gonna order a vodka cran, I would love to buy you a drink, can I buy you a drink'."

Apparently that last bit is the reverse psychology which swings it the other way and is her ticket to free drinks as the guy will apparently be all 'let me buy you a drink', which presumably is why choosing someone with a big ego is important.

Want to get your hands on some of this without paying? Time to break out the reverse psychology.
Witthaya Prasongsin/Getty Images

Kendall said she understood that her method was 'definitely is a little f**ked up' but said that men treated woman 'like s**t 95 percent of the time' so encouraged women to 'get your free drink and move on'.

The TikToker also advised women in a follow-up video to have a friend on standby to get them out of there in case the guy said yes to their offer of buying a drink.

Of course, any men finding out about this will now know what's possibly going on if a woman offers to buy them a drink.

So the lesson here gents is to put your ego aside and take her up on the offer, instead of demonstrating that you can afford to buy two drinks rather than one.

Or it could be that she genuinely wants to buy you a drink, either way saying yes is probably the right way to go.

Featured Image Credit: @kendallkiper/TikTok

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