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Russian Popeye regrets injecting oil into biceps and admits damage cannot be fixed

Russian Popeye regrets injecting oil into biceps and admits damage cannot be fixed

A man who inflated his biceps and gained the nickname 'Russian Popeye' admitted that the damage he's done can't be fixed

WARNING: This article contains images and footage some readers may find distressing

A Russian man who pumped his arms full of oil to get big biceps has admitted that he ended up regretting the transformational procedure.

Kirill Tereshin has been nicknamed 'Russian Popeye' after he had his arms inflated to an enormous size but it's caused him significant problems and even been life-threatening.

In the end he injected about three litres of petroleum jelly into his arms which blocked blood flow to his muscles and ended up killing some of the tissue.

He had to go in for a series of surgeries to have huge lumps of jelly surgically removed, going from getting the gigantic biceps he'd always wanted to facing the risk of having his arms amputated if he didn't get the stuff out.

He's had surgery to remove petroleum jelly and dead tissue from his arms but the damage has been done.

Over the years he's had to go through several rounds of surgery to extract the jelly and dead muscle tissue, admitting he had to 'get rid of this nightmare' and that he 'did not think about the consequences' when he had several litres of petroleum jelly injected directly into his arms.

While he's gone for years without putting anything more into his arms they still look exceedingly large, and he's since gone for surgical procedures on his face including having 40ml of filler injected in two days.

"I want to get rid of [these] arms," he said recently on social media.

"But unfortunately, there’s no fixing it anymore. Since I’m 26 years old, and I’ll be 27 this year, and my body has already grown to its age."

Tereshin admitted that his motivation to pump his arms full of oil was to attract 'beautiful' women, saying it was 'impossible for an ordinary guy to date such girls' so he spent $15,000 on having his face done and said he 'looks like the Joker' after having the filler injected.

After having litres of petroleum jelly surgically removed from his arms he spent thousands of dollars on face filler.

Tereshin posts videos of himself on social media and in one of them explained how he started inflating his arms in the first place.

He said: "First of all I began to inject vegetable oil, I boiled it in a saucepan and then injected five millilitres every day.

"But I began to understand that oil was leaving the muscle after two weeks. As a result I came to Vaseline oil, as a result in half a year I made huge gains for myself."

Those 'huge gains' could have cost him his life as doctors told Tereshin that the petroleum jelly he pumped into his arms was not meant to be injected and risked causing damage to his kidneys.

People who follow his social activity have also expressed concern for his health, and he when he went for surgery on his face it was against the advice of doctors.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@kirilltereshin96

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