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Man who filmed harrowing shark attack so clear you could hear scream says he’s still haunted by it

Man who filmed harrowing shark attack so clear you could hear scream says he’s still haunted by it

The video shows the terrifying moment the shark turned on the divers

Warning: This article contains graphic images and video which some readers may find distressing

Thankfully, shark attacks aren’t exactly a common occurrence for us Brits and hopefully, they're something most of us will never have to experience.

But for those unfortunate enough to find themselves in a situation like that are likely to have it stay with them for the rest of their lives.

And this man who filmed a harrowing shark attack so clear you could hear the screams says he’s still haunted by it.

It was back in 2018 when Dan White came across a whitetip shark.

The bloke was in Egypt to complete his deep diver certification when it swam its way over to its diving group.

And thinking it was a ‘cool encounter’, White decided to start filming it, having came across three of the sharks very recently ‘with no trouble at all’.

But as the horrifying clip on YouTube shows, things took a terrible turn.

Several German drivers who were swimming in the same area joined with White’s group and then the shark’s behaviour began to change.

White told Tracking Sharks: “As I was filming I noticed that one of the outlet diver’s bubbles spooked the shark and it turned to investigate."


In the video, you can see the shark making its way to the diver’s level and swimming towards them.

The animal then begins to attack one of the divers, with the clip showing it biting into its victim’s leg.

Dan retold the scary encounter to the BBC’s Why Sharks Attack: “It bit into the diver's leg, latched on, thrashed around and ended up going over almost like a cartwheel.

“It was crazy, it wouldn't let go for what felt like forever. It ended up tearing his calf muscle completely off his leg.”

The man’s calf was ripped to shreds and the shark had not only completely destroyed his calf muscle, but also bitten down to the bone.

“There was a big plume of blood in the water. Another diver started screaming you could hear her scream - a shriek noise in your ear," Dan said.

"It's horrifying to listen to.”


Despite the group being 10 metres below the surface of the water, you can hear the haunting scream in the video.

After the shark attack, the man was helped up the surface where he was heaved out from the water.

Before being rushed to shore, first responders administered pain medication and applied a tourniquet to the man’s leg, which miraculously didn’t need to be amputated. He was then taken to hospital.

Unsurprisingly, YouTube users were quick to express their shock beneath the video, with one person writing in the comments: “Very scary footage.”

Another added: “Wow, absolutely terrifying,” while a third penned: “The most chilling part of this is still being able to hear the screaming under water.”

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@scubasoul

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