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One visible part can 'expose the size of someone's penis', according to study

One visible part can 'expose the size of someone's penis', according to study

There's an easy way you can find out how well-endowed a man is, a medical expert explains

If you really want to know the size of someone's penis, then don't look at their feet.

The common myth is that there's a correlation between the size of man's feet to the length of their willy, but apparently this was not the case when a study came up with a different answer.

According to a study in Japan, you don't need to undress someone to 'expose' the size of their manhood.

Urologist & Pelvic Surgeon, Dr Rena Malik, featured on a recent episode of Steven Bartlett's Diary Of A CEO podcast, to spill the beans.

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She noted a how the study looked at the correlation between 'body parts and penile length'.

"There’s one study, it’s a Japanese study where they looked at only Japanese men so there are some limitations," she said.

"But they measured all these body parts and penile length.

"And they found was that nose length was correlated with penile length, not hand length or foot."

Big nose, equals big d***, if you're Japanese.

Make of that what you will.

She also explained how penis length anxiety is at an all-time high and people are even using a traction device to increase their size.

Diary Of A CEO

“The safest and most reliable way is using a traction device,” Dr Malik said.

“These are devices that are made for penile lengthening but they're also made for men who have something called Peyronie's disease.

"The original traction devices that were studied you would have to use them for 6 to 8 hours a day for several months to see a 2cm increase in length.

"Now there are newer devices [which can be used] twice a day for 30 minutes and they've seen some increase in penile length that's generally pretty safe."

Taking to the comments section, one viewer joked: "2cm? Do I really want to double my length like that? I'm a man, not a horse."

A second added: "The nose size correlation study is a bit misleading, the actual numbers were all over the place, it’s just that the overall averages showed a slight correlation.

"So someone with a huge nose could have a small or big member, same with the small nose person, it’s just that if you sampled a hundred people one extra big nose person might have a bigger member than one small nose person."

Another person who claims to have tried the penis enlargement said: "I have actually done the traction method.

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"I will say there are ways to improve your results though by combining the traction with hanging weights. Personally I’ve gained just under 1.25” in length.

"It does take a long time to do this though."

"2cm?… Why would I go through months of having crutches attached to my shaft just to add 5 percent to my length," a fourth thought.

Meanwhile, the most sensible response from a woman read: "Men, Just Be Satisfied With The natural Length You Got! Be at peace with it."

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