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Man Seen Taking Squirrel For A Walk On Lead Outside Tesco

Man Seen Taking Squirrel For A Walk On Lead Outside Tesco

It seems the rodent has become somewhat of a local celebrity

It's hard to be surprised in this world we live. Weird, wonderful and shockingly s**t things are happening all of the time. But would a squirrel on a lead outside Tesco be enough to turn your head? Watch here:

Shoppers in Hailsham, East Sussex, were treated to a sight that was pretty bizarre (I refuse to say 'nuts', though admittedly I just have), and Geri Burt did the good thing and filmed it.

In the footage, onlookers can be heard quizzically pointing out the squirrel on a lead, which can been scampering about near its master, as two women document the rare sighting.

What next, pigs in blankets?!
Geri Burt

Geri's video was posted on a local Facebook community group, and according to SussexLive, residents pointed out that this wasn't just any old squirrel - this was Alvin the Squirrel.

The little guy is apparently somewhat of a local celeb, with more than 1,000 followers on TikTok.

He was reportedly rescued and nursed back to health by a bloke named Mehmet, who regularly posts video on social media of his furry friend out and about on walks in his little harness.

And it seems he quite likes to take up a position on Mehmet's shoulders and head, so it seems they're quite pally with each other.

Turns out he's quite a famous squirrel.
Facebook/Alvin the Squirrel

But while I don't wanna knock Alvin, I'd say he's no match for a squirrel in the US when it comes to headturnability.

Sarah Lenzenhuber was walking her dog outside her apartment in Missouri last year when she crossed paths with a remarkably well-endowed squirrel that stopped her in her tracks.

Naturally, she grabbed a snap of the sexy scamp and posted it on Facebook, where it racked up thousands of likes.

Sarah said: "I saw him while out walking my dog, did a double take and then doubled over laughing.

"I wasn't sure if I should post it anywhere but then my grade school sense of humour got the best of me."

As you might expect, it was the squirrel's scrotum which drew the plaudits.

Jam Press

One person said: "His nuts are bigger than my partner's," while another said: "Wow, he's got quite the stockpile of nuts for the winter."

Erm, no, I don't think it is sad. After all, this is a specimen of a squirrel we're talking about here. He's hung like a badger and has a hot bod to boot.

As one person observed: "Dude, not only is he endowed, he's ripped - look at those pecs."

Another asked: "Does he have a six pack too?"

So come on Alvin, time to get on the weights son.

Featured Image Credit: Geri Burt

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