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'Sugar mama' loves sending toy boy money and now he wants a Lamborghini

'Sugar mama' loves sending toy boy money and now he wants a Lamborghini

While she likes buying Daniel presents, he prefers to receive cash

A self-confessed 'sugar mama' has opened up about how much she loves sending her toy boy money and fulfilling his latest, and very lavish, request. Have a look at their expensive adventures:

Kara Miller, 36, from California, US, has a sugar baby, Daniel, 27, who she frequently lavishes with gifts and she's revealed that he's now asked her for a Lamborghini.

The happy couple have been dating for a little over three years, having met on Bumble back in July 2019 following Kara's divorce from her husband of four years.

Kara, who is now a clinical psychology student, told "I love taking care of men. I have always done it, even in my marriage and after.

Kara met her 'sugar baby' on Bumble after her divorce.
Jam Press

"After my separation and divorce, I took on a man who became my sugar baby [not Daniel]. I did everything for him.

"I gave him a lot of money and bought him necessities like alcohol and cigarettes and even paid for tickets he got."

The 36-year-old explained that she started off treating Daniel with a modest $40 ($35.69)-a-week allowance, but that amount has grown significantly over time.

Kara now spends between $500-$1,000 (£468-£937) a week on her sugar baby, who is nine years her junior, but explained that the money is now without its own terms and conditions.

She said that for the avoidance of any confusion about where the pair stand financially, they have a contract that's 'revised yearly' and 'lists his weekly allowance'.

Kara loves spoiling her sugar baby, who she has a contract with.
Jam Press

Kara explained that while Daniel prefers to receive cash from her, she enjoys treating him to 'cars, designers, expensive food, and trips', which she regularly documents on TikTok.

So much so, in a recent clip, Daniel is seen asking for a Lamborghini and browsing a range of the supercars - although it's unknown if Kara went through with the eye-watering purchase.

She explained that she has a monthly income of around $6,000 that she makes from a number of jobs including social media.

However, Kara said that she doesn't like to 'live rich' herself and prefers to spend her money on Daniel.

She said: "I don't really buy Daniel any luxurious items [anymore] because he refuses - he would rather have the money.

"I'm OK with that because I know he's happier that way."

Daniel now prefers to receive money from his sugar mama.
Jam Press

Because of the financial aspect of their relationship, Kara admits that she has faced some negativity for having a sugar baby, adding that Daniel is currently the only person she has an arrangement with.

"People will judge me for who I am but I honestly don't really care anymore," she said.

"I am trying to show that women are perfectly capable of taking care of men.

"They either accept it or they don't. I honestly only really listen to the people who support me."

Featured Image Credit: Jam Press

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