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Teenage 'Princess' TikTok Star Had A Fairytale Castle Built For Her

Teenage 'Princess' TikTok Star Had A Fairytale Castle Built For Her

There's rich, and then there's this

There’s rich, and then there’s ‘my daddy built me a princess castle so I could have a fairytale childhood’ rich. 

This is the experience of influencer and TikTok star Christina Mark, whose dad Christopher spent seven years building her a Gothic-style castle in Connecticut.

The property is currently up for sale, but it’ll set you back a cool $60 million. 

Until then, Christina lives there with her sister and dad, and let’s just say there’s more than enough space for the three of them. 


Set on 75 acres near the town of Woodstock, the fortress includes a 38m tower, turrets and two stone bridges set over a moat - it is a fairytale castle, after all. 

Per the listing, the property boasts seven floors, nine bedrooms, seven full bathrooms and 12 fireplaces, as well as an underground auditorium and cinema

The walkout lower level features an additional 4,500 sq ft space including a communal area with a fireplace and circular bar, with the surrounding grounds overlooking a 30-acre pond. 

Christina Mark currently lives at the castle.

Speaking to Insider about the property, Christina, who turns 18 this year, said: "We bought the property in 2001, and then started building in 2003. It was mostly complete by 2010.

"My sister and I, when we were younger, we would dress up like princesses, and he [Chris] just wanted our dream to come true.”

That said, for Christina it wasn’t immediately a dream come true, adding: "I actually didn't like the castle at first, because people judged me and just wanted to be my friend because of it. 

Christopher Mark.

“So I would keep it a secret.

"But since my dad spent so much time building this for our family, I wanted to possibly make it a business in the future. 

“So I wanted to help him out and that's why I took the year off to help him promote the castle, and get it some exposure.”

Now the influencer runs a number of social media accounts promoting the property and showcasing her lavish lifestyle. 


Her Chris Mark Castle TikTok account has amassed nearly 350,000 followers who are interested in the various features of the estate, with many comparing its aesthetic to Hogwarts. 

Opening up about her favourite part, Christina said: "There's a bunch of features that I love, but probably the most shocking is the glass dome at the top.


"Because when you're up there, it's all glass and you can see three floors down because there's glass in the three floors below it, too.”

As for why her dad’s decided to sell the place, the influencer explained: "It's because my sister is in college and I'll be going to college next year.

“We're moving out, and he doesn't want to just be there by himself if we're not using it.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@chrismarkcastle1/Zillow

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