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Residents fear someone could be ‘killed’ as ‘hazardous’ eye sore dump is left outside homes

Residents fear someone could be ‘killed’ as ‘hazardous’ eye sore dump is left outside homes

Residents claim they've been sent around in circles when it comes to cleaning up the rubbish

Residents in a village in East Yorkshire have expressed fears someone could be 'seriously injured' or 'killed' as rubbish has slowly piled up into a huge dumping ground in the area.

The issue on Thorneycroft Road, Thorngumbald began in 2021, when a house on the street became vacant and was never filled again.

The pile is home to paint cans and gas cannisters.
MEN Media

There was already a caravan on the property, but over time it's been joined by piles and piles of rubbish; everything from pieces of wood and metal to gas canisters and paint cans.

As their patience reaches breaking point, one frustrated resident said the home is an 'environmental issue'.

"Just think of all the rats and vermin that a place like that attracts," they said. "It's also a fire hazard, as there is a gas canister discarded in there and loads of wood that will be really dry at this time of year.

"There's a tin roof on top of the caravan that's been left to rot, and it always rattles in the wind. If that blew off and went into someone's house or garden it could really do some damage or seriously injure somebody."

The resident described the home as a 'total eyesore' for everyone who lives in the area, saying it's 'horrible to look at all that rubbish'.

Residents claim they've contacted the council on multiple ocassions.
MEN Media

Locals say they have have contacted the council and asked for them to remove the rubbish, but they claim they're constantly sent around in circles.

"Every time we ring the council, we just get nowhere as I don't feel like anybody wants to take responsibility for it - it's like banging your head against a brick wall," the resident said.

"If this was opposite a member of the council's house I don't think they'd be very happy, I mean just how long does it take to sort something like this? We just want the rubbish removed. Two years is too long."

The council has said it is aware of the issue.
MEN Media

A second person agreed that 'nobody seems to want to take responsibility', adding: "The council really should have made some progress by now because it's a total fire hazard.

"There are gas canisters, paint cans, and other liquid containers full of god-knows-what. If there is a fire, the whole place would go up and it would affect so many people around here.

"The rubbish got so high at one point that it towered over the top of the caravan. There's a piece of sheet metal up on that roof as well and if it flies off in the wind it could kill someone.

"It's got that bad that people have started to come down the street and take photos of it. What will it take for this to get sorted? Kids messing around in it and one of them getting crushed?"

In response to the concerns, a spokesperson for East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s spokesperson said: “We are aware of the issues at this property and are considering a number of options to improve the condition of the site.”

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