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Learner driver baffles instructor as people think he ‘sees ghost’ crossing the road

Learner driver baffles instructor as people think he ‘sees ghost’ crossing the road

The driving instructor uploaded the video on TikTok yesterday and it's already gone viral.

We've all done some pretty questionable things on our driving test - I once drove behind a row of parked cars, waiting for them to notice the lights had turned green.

But an equally embarrassing moment happened for this learner driver recently, with viewers thinking that he was ‘seeing ghosts’ crossing an empty road.

The instructor was left baffled.

London-based driving instructor, Clearview Driving, uploaded the awkward video on TikTok yesterday, and it has already racked up over three million views.

Captioned: "I don't know what he was thinking," the video sees a young lad nervously sat alongside his instructor, with another person also in the backseat.

The lad, named Juvenal, was doing an 'Independent driving' session by 'following the sat nav'.

While driving along the road, Juvenal, who was wearing a green printed tracksuit, was told to 'turn right, then take the second left'.

She was trying to hold it in.

After spotting a zebra crossing, the young driver then indicates to his left before bizarrely stopping the car.

But the road was completely empty and no one was crossing.

A brief pause later and the instructor was dying not to laugh until she couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Juvenal do you want to come off the zebra crossing?" she asks.

"Yeah I need to get off don't I, I have to wait," the embarrassed driver replies.

"Just go a bit forward mate," the guy in the backseat says.

"Go a bit forward," the driving teacher adds.

Juvenal stopped at an empty zebra crossing.

Viewers were left stunned by the footage, with one person commenting: "Bro was waiting for the ghosts to pass."

A second added: "Just give this guy a helmet and bicycle at this point."

While another said: "He has no clue of driving at all like it's in another dimension."

Someone else quipped: "Should’ve gone to @Specsavers."

However, others thought that some people were being a bit harsh towards the lad, as one viewer wrote: "Why are we laughing at a student trying to learn??? This would give me so much anxiety."

"Let him be, he's just super nervous." another said.

People thought he might have seen a ghost.

Calling out the instructor, someone else commented: "Instead of laughing maybe teach him."

While another sympathetic user added: "Oh bless him come level with the junction I know he was being polite and letting those cars go but don’t stop there!!"

And some just thought the whole thing was too ridiculous to be true.

"At this point I can’t believe this is real." one viewer commented.

"Bro needs to explore the outside world on foot before he does in a car."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@clearviewdriving

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