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Man who joined random chat room on dark web immediately regretted it

Man who joined random chat room on dark web immediately regretted it

He came across some 'disgusting' things

For most of us, the dark web seems like this mysterious, somewhat fictional place that provides a plot line for plenty of films.

However, it’s a very real thing, deep in the dark depths of the internet which the majority of us have never clicked a mouse into.

Here, the networks require specific technology software or permissions to be able to access. Oh, and as you can imagine, plenty of the stuff found on the dark web is very much, totally and completely, illegal.

Although, one bloke previously debunked a warning about the dark web as he reckons it’s a complete myth. But when this lad joined a random chat room on there, he immediately regretted it.

The dark web isn't a place to be messed with. (Getty Stock)
The dark web isn't a place to be messed with. (Getty Stock)

A few years back, user ‘austinvro’ took to TikTok to show his followers what he found while browsing the dark depths of the internet, including 'red rooms' which he described as places 'where people can pay to watch live tortures happen'.




He then went onto a chat room with a stranger who told Austin they were 'looking for fun rp chat with my daughters', with the TikToker admitting he didn't really know what that meant but was sure he wanted no part of it.

In another chat room on the dark web, someone else told him they were 'f25 into roleplaying as younger', which led Austin to say they were 'disgusting people'. Yeah, big regrets.

The TikToker regretted it. (Getty Stock)
The TikToker regretted it. (Getty Stock)

Much that is ‘disgusting’ goes on via the dark web, as there have been people kidnapped and put up for sale on there, while there are sites which pay people for nude images and link the contact information of those in the pictures.

A 2014 study from the University of Portsmouth found that the most commonly hosted content type on web browser Tor, which is one of the networks which can be used to access the dark web, was child pornography.

After that the study found that the next most popular type of content was black markets selling illicit goods.

A hacker with 30 years of experience also previously described some of the scariest things he’s come across on the dark web, including the use of ransomware – a malicious software designed to block someone's access to a computer system.

Speaking about some of the things he's witnessed, he told Vice: "I've watched hospitals get encrypted and people are left with a choice: do I pay to decrypt the data or do I risk lives?"

Well, the dark web’s a scary place lads – and remember much of what’s on there is illegal.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@austinvro

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