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Youtuber browsing the dark web almost throws up after stumbling on disturbing site

Youtuber browsing the dark web almost throws up after stumbling on disturbing site

The YouTuber said the videos left him 'questioning mankind'

A YouTuber was left so disgusted after finding a deeply disturbing website on the dark web that he had to stop himself from throwing up.

It's an unspoken rule for internet users really, to stay clear of the dark web at whatever cost - as it can often contain some of the darkest sites out there, malware, private information or things that might genuinely get you in trouble with the law.

All in all, it's best to not even touch it - however, some have dared to tread those murky waters.

YouTuber Mutahar is part of the channel SomeOrdinaryGamers, and films a series called 'Deep Web Browsing' - with the beginning of each episode including disclaimer that advises viewer discretion due to the 'adult material' featured in the video.

The dark web should be off-limits for everyone. (Getty Stock Photo)
The dark web should be off-limits for everyone. (Getty Stock Photo)

In a 2016 episode, which was the 43rd of its kind, the content creator details at the start that some of the things shown are illegal.

Mutahar starts the video by exploring 'your standard hitman website', explaining that the email on the website is not tracked and is encrypted, ensuring total confidentiality for someone wanting a hitman.

It states that you might want to get rid of your 'annoying boss' or 'cheating wife', and that they'll do it for the price of £10,000, payable in two instalments.

He then goes onto a gambling website, and a website called 'Crime City', that looks like a slot machine game.

After this, he visits a site called 'Mankind's Habit' - which is probably the dodgiest looking one so far.

Mutahar had to stop himself from vomiting (YouTube/SomeOrdinaryGamers)
Mutahar had to stop himself from vomiting (YouTube/SomeOrdinaryGamers)

It says that it's under construction, and Mutahar explains that it will have some 'deep web' videos and images, first viewing a weird image before starting to watch a video.

At the start of the video - which is blurred - a baby can be heard crying before the YouTuber suddenly looks shocked and disgusted, with his eyes widening as the music becomes more sinister.

He then gags and coughs before sitting in silence for a while after the video to process what he's seen.

Mutahar then admitted: "That was not what I was expecting."

"I know a lot of people don't like the censorship, but that was snuff porn," he continues to say before gagging again.

He later goes on to say that he 'cross-referenced' the images and believes that it could be linked a series of Japanese 'fake snuff films'.

Acknowledging that he can't show the clip on YouTube, he doesn't hide his disgust at what he saw before moving on to other videos on the site.

There is a clip of thousands of maggots, following by another blurred clip that looks equally disturbing - but it doesn't leave the content creator anywhere near as disturbed as he was by the first clip.

Adding that he was 'questioning mankind right now', Mutahar said the videos were 'invoking a gag reflex', and that he didn't know if it was 'legit snuff' or someone 'editing fake snuff'.

After that, he then visits a selection of other deep web sites, though he was more enthusiastic about them as it seemed like it couldn't get worse than the 'snuff porn' video that he unwillingly viewed.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/SomeOrdinaryGamers / Getty Stock Photo

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