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Woman wants tattoo ‘covered up’ after getting unwanted sketch from 'inexperienced artist'

Woman wants tattoo ‘covered up’ after getting unwanted sketch from 'inexperienced artist'

The woman's tattoo wasn't quite what she wanted, that's for sure

A woman has appealed online for help after she paid $350 – around £287 – to get a tattoo from an artist that only had six months of experience.

Here's a video so you can catch a glimpse for yourself:

Obviously, getting a tattoo is always a bit of a risk.

You’re asking someone else to draw something onto your skin that might well be there until you die, so when you hand over the money you’re also handing over quite a big bit of trust.

Most of the time, the artists are incredibly skilled and take their work incredibly seriously, but you definitely do hear a lot of horror stories as well.

This isn’t quite the worst horror story that has ever taken place, but it seems as if the woman who got this tattoo isn't exactly thrilled with what she got.

She’s called Rosie and she shared her story on TikTok, where she posts as @roseipufflover.

Here's what she asked for.

Over the post, she wrote: “Please please don’t go to a tattoo artist who only has 6 months of experience.”

In the video, she’s used a popular audio that features someone half laughing and half crying, before saying: “Oh my God.”

Then, showing off a picture of her tattoo drawing, the audio continues: “This is what I wanted, OK?”

After that, she shows a second picture, as the crying audio says: “And this is what I got!”

OK, it does look quite a lot like the picture, but it isn’t quite what she’d asked for, is it?

Now, she wants someone to help her out after her misfortune.

“Can anyone please cover this up?” she asked.

“I paid $350! she still pretty but not what I wanted or expected.”

Luckily, some people offered her words of condolence and support after she shared it online.

“You know it’s really not that bad,” said one.

“It’s not bad but for $350 I still would’ve expected what I wanted,” another commented.

“I actually like it better,” wrote a third.

Here's what she ended up with.

However, a lot of people also didn’t seem to have that much sympathy for her, with a load suggesting that she should have asked to see the stencil beforehand.

To be fair, she does seem to be taking it pretty well, given the circumstances, as she has since shared a number of other videos in which she responds to a few comments joking about it.

Still, she needs someone to cover it up, so – in the event that you’re a New York tattoo artist with a big heart and some free time – maybe you could do the girl a favour.

Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@rosiepufflover

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