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Woman in hysterics after tattoo artist makes major spelling mistake

Woman in hysterics after tattoo artist makes major spelling mistake

If you're getting something permanently inked on your body, you should probably check it's right first

The very basis of getting a tattoo is that it’s something permanent. Like, on your body forever.

So, you’d hope your tattoo artist doesn’t f**k it up. It’s their one job.

Unless you’re a joker getting something like a ‘NO RAGRATS’, then I doubt you’re planning on having a spelling mistake in your tattoo.

Spotting a typo in their permanent body art would likely send most people into fits of rage, but one woman found an obvious mistake in her her inking absolutely hilarious - while the poor tattoo artist looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up.

In a viral TikTok, one woman documented their ‘new tattoo’.

We can assume she was intending to get ‘EVERYTHING’S FINE’ on the side of her hand.

Everyone was in hysterics - except for the artist.
TikTok / @theearthylama

However, thanks to a teeny, tiny, little mistake, she instead ended up with ‘EVERTHING’S FINE’.

In the clip, the unlucky tat-receiver is in absolute hysterics while a voice behind the camera tells the artist: “This is not your fault.

“This is the greatest moment of my life.”

The artist seems to be in disbelief as he mumbles: “Are you f**king joking?” and looks back at the tat.

The laughter continues as they repeat: “Everthin’s fine,” and even appear to be wiping away tears as they uncontrollably giggle.

Leaning back in his chair with his face covered in disbelief, they reassure the artist: “It’s okay, everthin’s fine.”

Users were in hysterics as they commented: “Poor guy is sooo confused,” as they also put: “That phrase will haunt him.”

Not quite everything.
TikTok / @theearthylama

Another joked: “In Martin Freeman voice ‘it was this moment he realised, everything was not fine’.”

One even said: “It’s so much better that way tho.”

And another put: “Everthings fine… you just gotta have an accent.”

Others also wrote: “I hope you hid a Y somewhere on your body.”

People also recommended fixes, suggesting a ‘lil apostrophe where the Y would’ve been’ or: “Wait but like a little ^ and a Y slanted above would actually be so cute.”

In his defence, the tattoo artist has said in a response video that his client actually ‘liked it better’ with the spelling mistake.

He said: "This s*** is going to happen to every tattoo artist at some point in their career. I was unlucky enough that it went viral and got eight million views in 36 hours but I was also lucky enough that my client liked it better.

“It worked out in the sense that the tattoo was supposed to be a reference to the fact s**t’s always f**ked up. Funny enough, the tattoo got f**ked up, but ended up being better that way.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @theearthylama

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