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Man sparks debate over way he sits on empty train seat

Man sparks debate over way he sits on empty train seat

Who knew this was such a great debate?

A TikTok user has managed to spark a major debate online with just a short five-second video.

In the clip, the user who goes by the name @strajca, is sitting on a train and puts his feet up on the empty seat in front of him.

When another traveller on the seemingly quiet carriage turns around to give him a disappointed look, he giggles and repeatedly taps his feet on the chair.

A TikTok of a man putting his feet on a train seat has sparked a major debate.

After provoking his fellow passenger with his feet on the seat, she gets up from her own seat and appears to start walking over to him before the clip cuts out.

That's all that happens in the video - but it has riled people up so much that it now has over 5.3 million views on TikTok.

In the caption, the user wrote: "Welcome to Switzerland" accompanied by the hashtag #sbb, which refers to the Swiss Federal Railway.

As well as over five million views, the video has over 5,700 comments.

Each comment is an argument either for or against putting your feet up on the train which, I must admit, I didn't realise was such a point of contention.

Some people didn't see what the big deal was, but others were disgusted at the train passenger for being so disrespectful.

"I don't hate people but..." commented one disappointed TikTok user.

"Common sense isn't so common," joked a second.

"Even I yell at my brother when he does this," another claimed.

And a fourth pointed out: "There’s a reason things are so nice in Switzerland, it’s because people have respect for stuff and don’t put their feet up where other people sit, for example."

In the end, the passenger got up from her seat.

On the opposing side, one TikToker argued: "Nah tbf I do this I need my legs up on every seat."

Another pointed out: "Who cares, his shoes are clean."

And a third noted: "I get it. It's rude. But she's not sitting there and it doesn't look very full."

According to Rail Europe, passengers travelling by train within the continent could land a £50 fine or a formal police warning for putting their feet up on empty seats.

They also note that a survey they conducted found that, although elevating your legs is good for blood circulation and easing stiff muscles, it is agreed to be one of the most irritating behaviours among train passengers.

Rail Europe found that 19 per cent of train passengers were irritated by people who put feet up on seats, meanwhile 14 per cent were more bothered by passengers who ate smelly foods onboard.

Listening to music too loudly annoyed 18 per cent of passengers, while sneezing and coughing without covering mouth came in first place as the most irritating behaviour at 25 per cent.

So, whatever side of the debate you stand on, if you'd like to avoid a fine, and some nasty looks, maybe just keep those feet to yourself, eh?

Featured Image Credit: Pics: TikTok / @Strajca

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