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Traveller girl says they never use the toilet in their caravans as it's used for a different purpose

Traveller girl says they never use the toilet in their caravans as it's used for a different purpose

This will definitely surprise you.

A woman has shocked the internet after revealing the real way the traveller community use their toilets.

Shannon Crystal, from the UK, shared a video on TikTok sharing how she uses the toilet in her caravan.

The woman revealed the that the traveller community never go to the loo using the toilets in their caravans, which surprised many people in the comments.

She often shares glimpses into traveller life on her TikTok account, where she posts using the handle @cheyenne277.

Crystal found a way to use the untouched toilet bowl since its not being used for its intended purpose.

In a funny short clip, which has been viewed more than 40,000 times, she filmed herself and all the stuff she has in her toilet.

Don't worry, it's not excrement.

"When gorjas tell you you have a fully functioning toilet and to use it but I just thought it was storage for all my crap."

The term ‘gorja’ refers to a person who isn’t from the traveller community.

She paired the video with a funny caption which read: “Who would have known?"

She revealed how she uses the loo in her caravan.

Crystal's toilet appears to be filled with a mixture of cosmetic items plus a hairbrush, hair bands and a hair clip.

“Where do u go to a number 2?” one person asked probably on behalf of many viewers.

Cyrstal replied: “We do one and two in a porterloo nothing happens in the caravan.”

Another woman tagged a friend in the comments and wrote 'guilty’, implying that she also uses her caravan toilet to store her makeup.

Another woman replied to the clip: “Always been the way I have no idea how no one knew”.

Travellers have previously shared that they don’t use the toilet built into their homes, because they find it dirty.

Lots of women commented and said they do the same thing.

Instead they opt to use shower blocks and toilets outside the home.

In another video, Crystal responded to a question asking if traveller girls 'normally work' after she shared a video of herself cleaning her home.

She explained that she knows traveller girls who are training to be lawyers, a girl who works in car sales and 'all sorts'.

The TikTok also went out to work alongside her dad, who did landscaping, when she was younger.

She also worked in a pub, first in the kitchen and preparing plates before working on the bar and then waitressing. She then worked in a hotel as a cleaner and an Aldi store.

Crystal replied to a comment under the video and said: "My granny did field work and always said it was the best days."

Featured Image Credit: @cheyenne277/TikTok