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Brits baffled after discovering what Travelodge logo actually is

Brits baffled after discovering what Travelodge logo actually is

Once you realise what Travelodge's logo is, you can't unseen it

You've probably not given it any thought whatsoever but the mysterious Travelodge logo is not what it seems on first glance.

The budget hotel is simultaneously associated with affordable rooms and familiarity.

We've all stayed at a Travelodge at one stage or another and there's usually little to complain about.

It does what it says on the tin.

With nearly 600 hotels in the UK, as of 2023, and different room types to choose from, it's generally a solid choice what out on the road.

Can you see it? (John Keeble/Getty Images)
Can you see it? (John Keeble/Getty Images)

But if you actually take a look at the Travelodge logo, it just looks like some red sky behind a backdrop amid the familiar colours - but apparently not.

Taking to TikTok, user @chxrll shared a video suggesting that it's actually the head of someone tucked up in bed sleeping.

It turns out that loads of people didn't know this, with some suggesting it was just some well chosen colours, others suggesting that it was hills, and another remarkably saying that they thought it was a seagull.

Seriously, can anyone else see that?

In the video, she's eating a bag of crisps, with the closed caption reading: "My dumb ass thinking about how the Travelodge logo is a person sleeping..."

For years, you have been fooled by the logo. (Travelodge)
For years, you have been fooled by the logo. (Travelodge)

Then, she flips the image to a picture of the actual logo, showing her working.

She then added: "For years I thought it was hills!"

Since it was uploaded, thousands of people have liked and commented on the video with their own takes on the logo.

One person wrote: "S**t I thought it was a seagull."

Honestly, it bears repeating, can anyone else see that?

Another person said: "I've never seen that before in all my life I thought it was just colours."

A third said: "NO WAY. been living a lie my whole life."

It turns out that it isn't just us folks who had no idea what the logo was, because even some people who actually work for Travelodge didn't seem to know what the logo really was.

Someone else commented: "I work for Travelodge and I've never realised."

Well, there you have it. Now that you know, you'll never walk past another Travelodge hotel without glancing towards the logo with a knowing nod.

Aren't you glad that you've learned something really and truly valuable today?

OK, perhaps not, but it's sort of interesting, right?

Featured Image Credit: John Keeble/Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

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