American Woman Goes Viral After Sharing 'Weird As Hell' British Traditions

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American Woman Goes Viral After Sharing 'Weird As Hell' British Traditions

An American woman who's been living in the UK for nearly years has gone viral after listing some of the British traditions that seem thoroughly odd to our transatlantic cousins.

Jessica Rose is from California, but moved to Birmingham a decade ago. And while she loves it here, she took to Twitter to point out a few things that are 'weird as hell' about the UK.

Top of that list is the rising intonation people use when they say 'bye' on the phone, so it's a bouncy 'byYEEE'. That's followed by - wait for it - 'beans on toast'.


Yep, the absolute British staple makes it to the upper reaches of the list, with Rose pointing out there are 'so many other lazy foods that are actually good', and asking: "Why is this a thing?"

She also goes after another UK lazy food fave, writing: "People here put fish fingers (yes they mean fish sticks but I'm fine w the name part) in sandwiches which is just...why."

To be fair, this one is definitely up for debate. Don't @ me...

Other food items that confuse Rose include old fashioned candy and their 'actively threatening names'.


"Troach drops. Acid drops. Army and Navy tablets. They all taste like sugared houseplants," she wrote.

In terms of British English, there are a few things that concern Rose, one being that Brits pronounce 'patronise' as 'pat-row-nize' but pronounce 'patron' as 'pay-tron'.

Another issue is that fancy private schools are called public schools which she says is 'weird and confusing'. Actually, that might be a fair point.

Oh, and Rose has discovered that signing 'sincerely' in an email means 'f*** off', and yet saying 'f*** off' in a pub actually 'means 'I appreciate our friendship' 98% the time. However, she does go on to admit: "2% of the time it is a precursor to violence."

Credit: Shutterstock
Credit: Shutterstock

Then there is the great British etiquette, with the UK internationally known for its strict (and sometimes nonsensical) rules.

Rose explains: "If there is a mistake at a coffee shop or restaurant British people will complain to everyone but the people who could fix the issue and if asked by those people will report that everything is fine."

She adds: "On getting off a bus saying thank you to the driver is optional until the person leaving in front of you says thank you. Then you are legally required to say it.


"So is everyone behind you."

Continuing, she writes: "90% of all public conflicts here are queue related. The other more serious 10% are about football or having the right shoes to get into a club."

In a separate tweet, she says: "People get full on arguing mad about the order you assemble breakfast items (when you put milk in when making tea or what you put first on a scone) and it does not matter at all."

But perhaps most confusing of all for Rose is pub etiquette, as she explains: "If you and another person are waiting to be served at a bar, you must each claim that the other person was next in line to be served when approached by staff.

Credit: PA
Credit: PA

"This process may involve several rounds of 'No, you's and is resolved via unknown means.

"Oh god, I almost forgot the round system for drinks.

"On its surface, it's a commonly used system where everyone takes turns buying drinks for everyone else in their group but there are a million complex subtleties that make it confusing and delightful."

Other traditions that make it to the list include why Brits get excited by UK beaches - which she says are 'just banks of sharp stones by the water' where 'seagulls will fight you' - and the fact that proms 'mean outdoor classic music things'.

Finally, there appears to be a general consensus between all UK people over a couple of hot topics - swans and cheese.

"If you mention swans to a British person they'll tell you swans will break your arm and nod knowingly. No other information will be forthcoming on the topic," she wrote.

"If you mention a weird dream or nightmare, Britishes will ask if you ate a lot of cheese before going to bed."

So there you have it - an American's perspective on all the weird and wonderful things that make Brits what we are.

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