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Viral Amsterdam dad voice note story has been debunked as fake

Viral Amsterdam dad voice note story has been debunked as fake

Thank god for that...

If you've come across the disturbing viral story of a voice note from a woman who 'encountered' her dad while in Amsterdam has been debunked as fake, and thank our lucky stars for that.

Anyone unlucky enough to hear the voice note will likely have wanted to rip their ears off and wished they'd remembered what curiosity did to the cat.

Now please enjoy this educational video about why many houses in Amsterdam have hooks:

To quickly sum up the viral voice note, it involved a woman who said that she'd been out partying in Amsterdam when she'd gone to a 'glory hole' which had a button where the people on either side could press it to see who they were... interacting with.

The woman in the voice note said she'd been using the glory hole and pressed the button, only to discover her dad on the other side.

Our first sign that this was a fake really ought to have been that there was a voice note in the first place, because if that had really happened you'd surely abandon your life to go and work on an oil rig or something, and definitely never tell a soul.

The fine city of Amsterdam, where that thing you heard about definitely didn't happen.
Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

While people have been wondering right from the start whether the viral voice note was ever real, it now seems like we've got some confirmation that it's a whole load of bunkum.

Vice went to Amsterdam to conduct an investigation into the city's glory holes (stop laughing, this is serious journalism) and found no evidence of any such place where people could press a button to reveal who was on the other side.

They also reported that they'd called 'every glory hole operator in Amsterdam' and found that most of the city's, erm... facilities would turn women away.

Those that did let ladies in said they didn't have any such button which would remove the screen and let you see who was on the other side.

There you go, case closed and we can all sleep a little sounder at night knowing there's not some family going through this torrid drama.

As part of their investigation, Vice suggested that maybe the whole idea had come from an old Ricky Gervais routine where a teenager accidentally 'encountered' their dad through a glory hole.

Now we can close the book on that sordid chapter would you perhaps like to read more about the fascinating topic of hooks on Amsterdam houses?

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/ @_cs516/ Pexels

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