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Royal Wedding 2018: Did Prince Harry Tell Meghan Markle He's 'S****ing It'?

Royal Wedding 2018: Did Prince Harry Tell Meghan Markle He's 'S****ing It'?

The happy couple tied the knot today and the Prince looked understandable nervous during the ceremony

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Wedding days are stressful enough for the bride and groom, but can you even imagine how much more of a worry they'd be knowing there's millions of people around the world tuning in?

Let's ask Prince Harry how that feels, eh?

Oh, he's 'shitting it', well, fair enough.

Yup, eagle-eyed viewers spotted this clip of Harry seemingly telling his bride-to-be, 'I'm shitting it', at the altar before having a little chuckle. Is it just me who thinks that's pretty cute?

And I think it's fair to say we're all a bit obsessed with what the royals are uttering to each other during the ceremony.

As the world sat waiting for Meghan Markle to turn up at Windsor Castle for the wedding of the year, Prince Harry and his bro William were passing the time having a little chat.

It's a sweet moment seeing the two princes chill out before the big 'I do' - but whatever it is that they're talking about looks interesting, judging from the variety of facial expressions that we see throughout the exchange.

Harry looks noticeably anxious (as you would, if your wedding was being live streamed to the whole world), but William can be seen smirking a fair bit as he chatters away.


Was Wills having to calm his little brother's nerves? Were the two reminiscing about Harry's stag do? Were they playing I Spy to make time go a bit faster?

The one thing most people can agree on is that it looks as though William says something to Harry, who asks him a question back, before Wills gazes into the distance and says, 'No I didn't'.

What he did or didn't do is still a bit of a mystery - though people on Twitter have drummed up a few possible answers:

What do you reckon they were chatting about?

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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