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Hallmark Hotels Welcome Armed Forces For Free In Commemoration Of Armistice Day Centenary

Hallmark Hotels Welcome Armed Forces For Free In Commemoration Of Armistice Day Centenary

The offer is valid on Sunday November 11 for both serving and former members of the armed forces

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Whether you're currently working for the armed forces or used to serve, Hallmark Hotels are offering to put you up for the night to mark the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day in a bid to 'make the day easier'.

The free overnight stay is valid on Sunday November 11 (Remembrance Sunday), to mark 100 years since World War One ended.

But there is a catch, just like there was with the NHS offer, you will have to spend £50 on food and drink in the hotel's bar and restaurant. Regardless of the slight snag, it's still a thoughtful offer.

The aim is to offer a comfortable night's stay to people travelling to areas significant to their military career or Remembrance Sunday services.

Debbie Neate, head of marketing said: "This year marks a significant anniversary that commemorates the agreement to end fighting during the First World War in 1918 and Hallmark Hotels want to offer ease to members of the armed forces travelling up and down the country to pay their respects.

Hallmark Hotels

"We look forward to welcoming former and serving members of the forces to enjoy a relaxing stay at one of our UK hotels."

The overnight stay can be redeemed at 20 hotels across the UK, which include many features such as golf courses, spas and restaurants.

Your stay will be for a classic double or twin bedroom for you and your partner, friend or fellow colleague. Take yer pick.

The website makes clear that Hallmark Hotels will not insist on proof of past/present military service to redeem the complimentary bedrooms but ask that their customers respect those who risked their lives and wish to mark Remembrance Sunday by only booking rooms if you are eligible to.

So, what they're trying to say is - don't be a scum bag.

You can redeem to offer here or by calling: 01905 679080.

Hallmark Hotels

Back in July, Hallmark Hotels offered a free night's stay to any NHS staff for the remainder or 2018 after the health service passed it's 70 year milestone.

The overnight stay is available every Sunday evening when NHS staff spend £50 on food and drink in the bars and restaurants within the hotel.

Well just think of the fun you'll be having if you work for the NHS and used to serve in the army.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Hallmark Hotels

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