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Man Gets Added To Random Work WhatsApp Group By Accident And Pranks Employees

Man Gets Added To Random Work WhatsApp Group By Accident And Pranks Employees

Aaron Ledster took the opportunity to play boss and even sacked one of his 'colleagues'

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

When Aaron Ledster was added into a completely random WhatsApp group yesterday (25 January), he imagined he'd get booted out almost immediately. When that didn't happen - he decided to have a little fun of his own.

The 25-year-old initially had many questions which included: "Who is this?", "What are you on about?" and "More importantly, why am I in this group?"

Aaron Ledster

It seems the other people in the group assumed Aaron - who they appeared to think was their boss - was winding them up and rolled with his questions, giving witty replies.

Taking this as an opportunity to cause some mischief Aaron, a barber, asked how their wife and kids were doing before suggesting they go for a drink.

Everyone seemed up for the idea of a pint but this is when Aaron turned into the big boss, firing one of 'his' members of staff.

Aaron Ledster

In response to one of his fake colleagues, Aaron wrote: "F*** off," before adding: "Nobody asked you." Harsh, but whatever.

He then went on to say he wasn't going for a work drink if a certain member of the team was going, giving the reason as: "He's a pr***."

After a little back and forth, it seems Aaron had had enough and wrote: "You know what, you aren't worth my time. You're fired, pack your s*** and f*** off."

Aaron Ledster

Then it came to phone calls. Aaron tried to ring the blokes after he sacked one of them, but didn't get an answer. When he finally spoke to the one who still had a job (or so they thought), it made for a rather awkward conversation.

Speaking to LADbible, Aaron said: "When they first added me I was just confused and thought it was funny, I thought they would immediately spot their blunder and that would be that, but once I realised they hadn't clicked on I started to go with it a bit.

"I tried to group call them after firing [one employee] but had no luck and a while later I had a missed video call from [the second employee] personally, I called him back and we just stared at each other for about 10/15 seconds before either of us spoke.

Aaron dressed up for a group call with 'his' staff.
Aaron Ledster

"He said hello and asked who I was, I told him he'd added me to the chat with him and [the first employee] and he said 'Oh sorry I got the wrong [man],' I told him he'd got the right [man] and I'd just fired him.

"He seemed pretty confused and apologised for the mix up, he put the phone down and immediately removed me from their group."

Hopefully the guys at the other end of the wind up are good sports and can laugh this whole thing off.

Featured Image Credit: Aaron Ledster

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