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Man Who Climbed The Shard Films Himself Train Surfing In Berlin

Man Who Climbed The Shard Films Himself Train Surfing In Berlin

George King put in a lot of preparation which included walking the tracks, noting the bridges and spotting electricity lines

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd


Remember the fella that captured the attention of millions worldwide when he scaled a London skyscraper before being jailed for the stunt? Well, he's now filmed himself train surfing in Berlin:

George King, 20, has recently shared footage of his latest stunt which involved him leaping on to a train roof before filming himself standing on top of it and dodging bridges as well as electricity lines.

The daredevil made sure to warn his 16,000 social media followers not to try and copy him explaining that there's a 'lot more preparation than what meets the eye'.

Speaking to LADbible, he said: "I've train surfed before but In a different country, where every city has a different train system it was necessary to meet someone who was experienced in that city to show me the ropes.

"I then did extensive research on the trains: How fast do they go? Their braking time? I also walked the train tracks to see where the bridges are for me to duck down when I'm on top of the train and also where the electricity lines are.

"The electricity lines are low and very thin - so they are very hard to see when on top of the train until you are close to it. So whilst walking the tracks I would spot landmarks next to the wires so that when I was on top of the train I could visualise where they would be so that I could react accordingly in advance."

It's safe to say that this was risky without any other factors being involved, but something George did have to consider was the police.

He's not let the law stop him in the past, in fact when the self-confessed 'extreme athlete' reached the viewing platform of The Shard he put his wrists out to be arrested and went on to spend 12 weeks in HMP Pentonville for the stunt.

He went on to explain: "Despite train surfing in rush hour I was able to avoid being spotted by the train station security by climbing onto the station roof before jumping onto the train, evading capture from the police by escaping on the roof of the next station."

Speaking to LADbible last year about why he likes to perform these stunts, he said: "I've always been fascinated with just getting out of my comfort zone. What started as climbing trees has turned into climbing The Shard."

You can follow George on Instagram here.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/shardclimber

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