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Old School Friends Go For Quiet Drink In Edinburgh And End Up In Berlin

Old School Friends Go For Quiet Drink In Edinburgh And End Up In Berlin

The school pals hadn't seen each other in five years, but after a few beers and a trip to the casino they found themselves flying to Germany

We've all woken up after a night out and thought: well, that escalated a bit, didn't it? But maybe ending up at the airport on a flight to Berlin tips your idea of 'escalation' over the edge.

Well, that's what old school friends Ruaridh Wood, 22, Andrew Graham, 23, and David Blackie, 22, ended up doing after not seeing each other for five years - talk about making up for lost time, eh?

The trio had planned on going for a 'few beers' down at their local pub in Edinburgh on Monday evening. Instead of heading home afterwards, they opted to move on to a couple of nightclubs.

Things took a turn for the better - or worse - depending on how you look at this adventure, and the LADs found themselves en route to a casino where they won £200 ($250) which ended up paying for their flights to Berlin the following morning.

The three mates, who have known each other since nursery, boarded their flight from Edinburgh Airport on Tuesday morning - despite not remembering how they got through security.

David (L), Ruaridh (top) and Andrew (bottom) have known each other since they were in nursery.

Speaking to LADbible, 22-year-old university student Ruaridh said: "We hadn't been together for about five or six years, having left high school and gone off to university or working overseas, so a catch-up was well overdue.

"After a few drinks, we decided to head into the city centre. After a few more in a Wetherspoon pub, we headed to two nightclubs. But we didn't want to stop there so decided to jump in a couple of taxis, and headed to a casino with some random folk we met on the night.

"This is where the three of our memories got a bit hazy. What we do remember is that one of us struck gold at the casino and won £200 on the roulette table."

How did a casino trip end up in Berlin?
Cheers, LADs.

Ruaridh continued: "With quite a bit of winnings in our pockets we thought it would be hilarious to go to Edinburgh Airport to see if we could get a cheap flight to somewhere.

"So, we called a taxi that quickly took us back to our homes to pick up our passports, our phone chargers, one of us picked up some sunglasses and shorts as we didn't know where we could end up.

"As we arrived at the airport we decided that it would be class to go somewhere sunny as we're from Scotland.

"After approaching a couple of desks we found that there weren't many options for that time of day - I think it was about 7 o'clock in the morning at this point."

The three of them went sightseeing.

"The options we had were Barcelona or Berlin. None of us had been to Germany before and the Barcelona flight was more expensive, so Berlin it was. We could only go for one day, though, as one of us was working on the Thursday.

"We somehow got through security that none of us remember and slept in a Burger King just before our flight. Anytime we were awake at the airport we were hysterically laughing that this was actually happening."

The spontaneous trio booked a hostel for the one night in Germany's capital and went to get some food and one-litre beers (when in Berlin, right?).

The only picture they have from their night out in Berlin. Because they forgot a travel adaptor...

Not quite believing they were in Germany, they went to do some sightseeing before hitting the city for the evening - in the same clothes as they were wearing back in Edinburgh.

Ruaridh added: "We partied hard with two Australians, a Canadian, a few Germans and also some other British people that we met along the way into the early hours of the morning which was great fun, and they all loved the story about how we ended up in the same city as them.

"The flight back yesterday was rough, but what a story we had. Our families and friends found it just as funny as we did, and the friend that went home early in Edinburgh was extremely jealous. I'm just terrified what could happen the next time we meet up for 'a few drinks'. An expensive time but also a class one."

Just a word of advice: next time it might be worth booking some time off in advance... oh, and, chuck a travel adaptor in your back pocket.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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