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Woman Thinks She's Caught Ghost Of Previous Tenant On Camera

Woman Thinks She's Caught Ghost Of Previous Tenant On Camera

A woman reckons she's managed to take a photo of the ghost of her house's previous tenant chilling in an armchair.

Rebecca Keast, 24, said she had heard strange noises one night in her cottage in Portsmouth, Hampshire, then, at 2am her dog Gilly started suddenly barking at the chair.

As if all that wasn't enough to frighten poor Rebecca, her TV then started playing up, so she decided to take a couple of photos of the empty chair.

But, of course, when she looked back at the photos, the chair wasn't so empty:


Rebecca believes she managed to photograph a 'ghostly figure'. Credit: Mercury Press

And Rebecca isn't the first person to get a spooky-vibe from the house, her neighbours confessed to her that they once had to call out paranormal investigators to the property, which used to be connected to theirs.

She said: "Ever since I've lived here, I've sensed a man watching me. I feel like he tries to contact me and I only hear and see things when I'm alone.


"I spoke to my neighbours and asked them about it. They said years ago someone came over to investigate their own house and found that there were two ladies and a man present.

"The man apparently 'wanders' and the area I see the orbs is where there used to be a walkway connecting both our houses. It's now a cupboard [and the corridor is] blocked off.

"I don't know how long ago the man died but it was as if he had wandered in and sat down to watch TV with us.


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Gilly the pooch has definitely spotted something here. Credit: Mercury Press

"Many other times I have seen orbs when sat down watching TV. They usually cross one corner of the room to the chair area."


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She now believes the ghost could be either that of the man who died there, or her dad, who died in 2012, watching over her.

Rebecca said: "The night I took the photograph, I heard loud rolling noises upstairs. We have carpeted floors but it sounded like a metal ball on a wooden floor.


"We were watching a war film and my dog was fast asleep on me. He got up suddenly and stared at the corner chair.

"I took a photo straight away and it revealed what appears to be a man sat down. It's freaky because on the live photo version, the TV said 'look at me' then the man appears on the chair."

She said a psychic has told her that her dad is looking over her, adding: "My dad passed away six years ago and sometimes I do think it might be him. Maybe he wants to look after me as my health isn't great at the moment.


Rebecca with ghost-hunting Gilly. Credit: Mercury Press

"But he never believed in ghosts and I know he wouldn't want to scare me.

"The man scared me at first but after a while I just thought, it isn't nasty. I wish I knew what he wanted.

"I'd love to know who the ghost is. My mum's friend thought it was a man who used to live here and died young, but a psychic thinks it's my father.

"It would bring me comfort if I knew it was my dad, but because I'm not certain it's him and it could be the other younger man, I'm more unsure about it."

Featured Image Credit: Mercury Press

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