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Urban Explorer's Eerie Finds In Tunnel Above Road Make Him Run For His Life

Urban Explorer's Eerie Finds In Tunnel Above Road Make Him Run For His Life

The explorers' found something unexpected after a long crawl down a claustrophobic tunnel on their bellies

Since the far-flung frontiers of mankind have now been trawled by adventurers and explorers 10 times over, people have started to scour locales closer to home in search of a thrill.

Urban exploring has sprung up as one branch of that movement for people living in, well, urban areas and cities.

Many of them film their discoveries to be published on YouTube for other inspiring adventurers and armchair explorers to experience.

But one recent video showed an urban explorer's trip into a passage suspended above one of North Wales's busiest overpasses and it resulted in him 'running for his life.'

The overpass opened in 1983 and lies close to Colwyn Bay and Rainbow Bridge, for those who know Wales well.

Many who've driven through the area will have seen the passage above the overpass but for most, this video will be the first time they've seen inside.

The video, which was created by YouTube channel That Chapter, explains how the explorers entered the bridge through a steel manhole before climbing down a set of steel steps.

One of the explorers, who asked not to be named, told NorthWalesLive he had to crouch down and even crawl along his belly, experiencing claustrophobia, as the team crossed to the other side of the overpass.

YouTube/That Chapter

He said: "The distance from end to the other is surprisingly long, but by the halfway point you can look down through narrow gaps onto the motorway below which helped keep us calm, in a strange way."

That calm was quick to disappear when they reached the halfway point of the overpass and saw objects at the far end of the cramped tunnel.

The explorer said: "We reached the end, and let me tell you, We have never felt the same sense of dread before or since."

In front of them was a single fold-away chair sat facing the wall of the tunnel with a newspaper page of a stark naked woman in an erotic position attached to the wall above it.

YouTube/That Chapter

"I can't put my finger on it but it seemed more sinister than sexy, if that makes any sense," the explorer said.

"The scene that lay before us had rendered us completely speechless, and an overpowering sense of panic could be felt collectively.

"Needless to say we got out of tunnel, as fast as humanly possible, smashing our knees and shins against the sharp cement edges, that lined the path to the ladder by which we had entered."

The explorer admitted the team was scared the manhole cover would be closed when they returned to the other side.

But lucky for them, they escaped the passageway on this occasion.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/That Chapter

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