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Driver slammed for using bus lane to overtake queue of cars hits back

Driver slammed for using bus lane to overtake queue of cars hits back

A driver who was slammed for using a bus lane to overtake a queue of cars has hit back at criticism.

A motorist has been slammed online for an incredibly cheeky bit of driving and despite the hate, he's insisted he was actually in the right.

Of course, I think we're all guilty of a bit of road rage from time to time - some of us definitely more than others.

And when you're in a bit of a rush, the last thing you want is to be stuck in a massive traffic jam.

To combat this, one driver had a different plan as he overtook 20 cars within seconds on this busy Bristol street.

Dash cash footage of the multiple overtakes was posted to TikTok by @theamazingman, a video that has gone viral with nearly half a million views.

Captioning the video, the driver wrote: "This is what happens when 20+ cars can't read road signs. I'd complain but gets me home faster."

In the short 30-second clip, dash cam footage starts with the car driving along at slug speeds forming part of the very long queue.

F1 commentary of an iconic battle between two legends of the sport - Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel - plays as the soundtrack.

The driver was in a massive queue, so had different ideas.
TikTok/ @theamazingman

The man is initially unable to overtake the cars as there are parking bays filled with cars alongside the queue.

But this quickly turns into a bus lane, which the driver then races down as none of the other cars want to use it.

During the video, a sign can be seen stating that the bus lane is off limits for standard drivers between 4pm and 6.30pm Monday to Friday.

If the bus lane is used between these time, drivers in this area of Bristol would face a fine of up to £70.

While the video posted does appear to show it being 4.35pm at the time, it was on 11 March.

That particular rainy March day was a Saturday, meaning the bus lane rules were not enforced.

The driver raced down the bus lane as the rules were not enforced.
TikTok/ @theamazingman

Nonetheless, some viewers slammed the driver for using the bus lane to speed past all the drivers.

This led to the driver posting a follow-up video hitting back at those who criticised him.

Replying to a comment that said "You're the one who can't read the road," the TikToker zoomed into the sign that said about the times regular drivers can use the bus lane.

In the background, the audio 'Are you dumb' can be heard. Tell us how you really feel.

Featured Image Credit: @theamazingrman / TikTok

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