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Billie Eilish High-Speed Slow Motion Photoshoot Goes Viral

Billie Eilish High-Speed Slow Motion Photoshoot Goes Viral

It feels like Billie Eilish can do no wrong at the moment, whether she's bossing the Grammy Awards, landing a number one single with the new James Bond theme song, or posing for a high-speed slow motion camera.

Director Cole Walliser shared a video on Instagram of the 18-year-old posing for his 'GlamBOT' and it has gone viral - because it's really cool, basically.

In the video - which was shot on the red carpet at the Oscars earlier this month - Cole can be seen asking the 'Bad Guy' singer to move backwards and forwards until she's positioned perfectly.


Cole then briefly explains how the GlamBOT works and asks Eilish to 'give him something crazy' after he calls action.

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At this point, most of us would probably be tempted to stick our tongue out and jump about like a mad b*****d, but not Eilish. She instead opts to subtly place her hand on her cheek, which in real time seems like a bit of a wasted opportunity.

However, as Cole noted, it would be foolish to doubt her.

Sharing the video on Instagram, he said: "I really love what she did here. It's always a bit of a variable when someone goes 'I GOT CHU' like instantaneously, I just never know what they got in their head. But I don't know why I would question her, cause she killed it! It was so her too, just a subtle move, kind of framing and covering her face, adding to her mystery. Kudos Billie."


I'll second that - kudos Billie, once again.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Cole Walliser

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