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Dad Confronts Drug Dealer Fast Food Worker Who Sold Meth To His Son

Dad Confronts Drug Dealer Fast Food Worker Who Sold Meth To His Son

He explained that his 18-year-old son was in the hospital recovering from the awful drug

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

There's no denying that drugs can wreak havoc on a person's life and cause heartache and pain for their family.

But instead of trying to get his son to quit meth, one dad went a step further and confronted the guy who sells it to him.

Billy Hutchins from Forest City, North Carolina, found out the dealer worked at a fast food restaurant - so he walked in there and asked an employee if he was in that day. He then politely waited in the line until the alleged meth supplier arrived.

He said that he was on his way to the hospital to visit his son, who was coming down from the awful substance. The worker denied selling anything to the teenager and after a few words back and forth, Billy simply said: "Fuck you, motherfucker.

"You give my goddamn 18-year-old son drugs. You gon' get it, boy."

A restaurant employee asked the dad to leave because 'there are children in here', but that prompted Billy to yell even louder to out the alleged dealer.

After putting the video of the confrontation on social media, Billy received praise from his friends who thought he was well within his rights to tell the dealer what he thought.


Writing on Facebook, Billy said: "Thank you all for kind words and prayers. I wanted to beat breaks off him, trust me. I thought if I did I would go to jail and my wife and boys would suffer for my actions.

"I want to share this with y'all so you know. The doctor we seen last night after setting in the ER till 12am from 5pm yesterday told me and I something that blew my mind.

"He told us he clocked in Thursday and he had put three 19-year-old boys in the morgue that had [overdosed] on meth. Three young boys lost their lives over this drug.

Billy Hutchins/Facebook

"That was from Thursday till Sunday.

"I've done it, I know how it is, I've been clean off It for almost 11 years.

"I'm not perfect never claimed to be, but I'm not going to lay down and let some dope head take my son. I will fight tooth and nail to keep my son. In the name of Jesus, he's my son and I will die for him."

Meth is short for methamphetamine and can cause severe psychoses, brain damage and gastrointestinal issues, and can easily kill a user if they overdose.

Featured Image Credit: Billy Hutchins/Facebook

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